George Galloway compares Israel to Nazi doctor Mengele

British MP George Galloway has compared Israel to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele who experimented on prisoners and with body parts of concentration camp victims.

British MP George Galloway is a strong supporter of Islamic terrorism. Here he is embracing Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

In an article in the Scottish Daily Record entitled “Dark Echoes of the Holocaust”, the outspoken Respect MP criticised the lack of press attention given to Israel’s admission of taking unauthorised organs from both Israelis and Palestinians.

He said Israel was «playing mini-Mengele on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails».

Mengele was the so-called «Angel of Death» at Auschwitz, who conducted gruesome experiments on inmates, particularly on twins, and ordered the deaths of prisoners with medical problems.

It was beyond belief that a country calling itself the «Jewish State» could ever do such a thing.

Mr Galloway also boosted the claims of Swedish journalist Daniel Bostrom, who wrote in the newspaper Aftonbladet that Israelis were kidnapping and murdering Palestinian children for their organs.

Mr Galloway said he owed Mr Bostrom an apology for not believing the report.

He said: «When the story first broke, on Swedish TV, I frankly did not believe it. Implacable critic of Israel as I am, it was beyond belief that a country calling itself the «Jewish State» could ever do such a thing».

«I met the correspondent responsible for the story months ago and rigorously questioned him about it. I was not satisfied, and didn’t use the information. The man was offended and I owe him an apology».

Yehuda Hiss, the former head of Israel’s forensic institute Abu Kabir in Tel Aviv has admitted that pathologists once harvested organs from both dead Palestinians and dead Israelis without the consent of their families. He spoke about this more than a decade ago but his confirmation has recently resurfaced at the instigation of an American academic who remembered the outcry at the practice.

The Israeli health ministry has confirmed such a practice did take place but that it was swiftly ended in the 1990s.

Source; Jewish Chronicle.

My comment:

The radical British MP George Galloway is brawling in the media as a full blooded and committed neo-Nazi. The accuse the state of Israel of using the same methods as the death camp doctors in Nazi-Germany is outrageous.

The Fascist dictator Adolf Hitler came to power by branding him self as a man of peace, and accusing the Jews of being the real Fascists.Like Galloway now, Europe than believed in such satanic lies.

The price for listening to and support such racist attack on the Jews became extremely high. During World War II 60 million people lost their life. Half of the Jewish population on Earth, six million of them, were slaughtered in Hitler´s gas chambers in Germany and Poland.

Read more about Nazi-Germany`s butcher number one: Click here.

3 thoughts on “George Galloway compares Israel to Nazi doctor Mengele

    1. Few days ago I posted something on his twitter acc to see his response. He most likely suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance.Believes that he or she is “special” and regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes, “He is a legend in his own mind” ,Aggressive responses to criticism, “Boy, now that’s a really stupid question. Where did you go to college?” Below average Intelligence. He shows more than 5 Diagnostic criteria. ( to make it simple, he is just a scumbag )

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