Bibles and crosses confiscated in Saudi Arabia

Bibles, crucifixes and all non-Muslim religious symbols are illegal and are confiscated at the border of Saudi Arabia.

Troublesome relationship. A Church and a Mosque in Beirut, Lebanon.

This is explained by Archbishop Paul Hinder, the top Roman Catholic cleric seated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in an article in Jerusalem Post. There are two million Catholics in six Muslim Gulf nations, 1,4 million of them living inside Saudi Arabia

Paul Hinder

«The low-key Christian services that do take place cannot be led by ordained priests, so Catholics cannot attend a Mass or confess their sins», explains Hinder.

My comment:

It is quit marvelous that Islam bluntly demands religious rights in Europe, they deny others in Muslim kingdoms like Saudi Arabia. Europe is sleeping, and letting religious despotism and inhumanity across its borders in the name of freedom and liberty.

That is a dangerous trap.

Its also worth mentioning that the JP-article state « without an ordained priest in the room, the Catholic`s cannot confess their sins». The reason for this mischief is a Catholic doctrine. The Papal faithful are told that there is no proper forgiveness of sins if they do not confess to a Catholic priest.

This doctrine is based on falsehood. Every human being can get forgiveness for their sins by praying directly to Jesus. Anytime, from anywhere, without the permission or acknowledgment of any layman or priest.

People should basically avoid confessing to a Catholic priest. Simply because He will hear about things that will do him no good.

The third point I would like to make, is the huge cry the Catholic Church makes against what they call «Jewish occupation» of East Jerusalem.

I guess they would love to let their Catholic properties and Churches in Israel come under the rule of Saudi Arabia or Iran?

There is only on word for the Catholic agitation against Israel: Utter foolishness.

2 thoughts on “Bibles and crosses confiscated in Saudi Arabia

  1. There is nothing new in the fact that Saudi Arabia does not allow the worship on any faith other than Islam, there is zero tolerance for other faiths within the Kingdom.

    I read a great book about Saudi called “Paramedic to the Prince” it is by an American paramedic who was on the medical staff of king abdullah, Really opened my eyes to the real Saudi.

    1. Dear Patrick Tom

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Thanks for this comment. It will keep me publishing stories like this. The truth about Islam need to be told to the Muslims. If we do not tell them, we do not love them.

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