Pope Pius XII claimed a pagen goddess is the mother of «Jesus»

Pope Pius XII brought the pagan Queen of Heaven into the center of the Catholic faith.

Pope Pius XII served the Prince of this World, carried around like an Earthly King.

In 1950, Hitlers Pope committed another serious error. He passed the doctrine of the bodily assumption of Mary into Heaven.

From the Catechism of The Catholic Church we read:

«The assumption of he blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her son`s ressurrection, and an anticipation of the ressurrection of other Christians».

«You conceived the living God, and by your prayer she will deliver our souls from death».

That the mother of Jesus was born without sin had been a doctrine since 1854, when the majority of Papal Bishops voted in favour of her immaculate Conception.

Nothing of this in Biblical. To the extreme opposite its anti-Biblical. The Bible says we all have sinneed and falen short of the glory of God. Only Jesus was without sin. Several times the Messiah rebuked those who wanted to giive glory and horor to his family in the flesh.

This kind of teaching can only have been revealed to Pope Pius XII by a demon.

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