Norwegian doctor stabed with knife in Gaza. Blames Israel

Erik Fosse was attacked with knife during Hamas celebration in Gaza on 26th of December. The Norwegian doctor blames the West and Israel for the attack.

Erik Fosse seen among the Hamas leadership in Gaza on 26th of December.

During operation Cast Lead the Norwegian doctor Erik Fosse acted like a news reporter from a hospital in Gaza, blaming Israel for the conflict, defending the Hamas leadership.

On the 26th of December, Fosse was back in Gaza, invited by the Hamas leadership to join their one year remembrance of the war with Israel.

During the event, Fosse was attacked with a knife. Reported by multiple Norwegian media, The knife broke hitting his shoulder blade. Still the attacker kept on hitting him, and was screaming load.

Erik Fosse

In stead of acknowledging the violent nature of the Hamas regime, Mr. Fosse blames the attack on Israel.

«This is a sign of how desperate people in Gaza has become. They have every reason to be unhappy with he West. I am a white man», explains Fosse. In his very next breath Fosse blames Israel.

«People in Gaza still live in tent, and there is now building materials. People in Gaza do not starve, since food is smuggled in to the stripe through the tunnels. Im a shocked that they have to survive in the smuggling. Its time to open the borders» proclaims Fosse.

On the 23rd of December the Norwegian newspaper printed a warning from Fosse against Egypt. He warned the Muslim nation not to block the smuggling tunnels into Gaza, and by such action create a new humanitarian crisis.

Source: Aftenposten.

My comment:

There seems to be no limit to anti-Jewish reporting in the former conservative party media-giant Aftenposten. The Norwegian doctor is supporting a regime that kills their own children in a bid to slaughter Jews, and massacre other Muslims in a civil war between different Islamic sects.

It would have a been a ironic historic event, if Erik Fosse yesterday had been killed by an Arab Palestinian terrorists. He would have fallen for the same in-human foolishness he is trying to defend.

That educated journalist and editors buy the lies about the smuggling of food through 60 feet deep tunnels from Gaza into Egypt, is a fruit of Intellectual insanity.

Do you really think Egypt is blocking the border crossing at Rafah, to prevent Gazans from getting supplies of rice, sugar and potatoes?

But while their Muslim brothers in Egypt have sealed off the border to the Islamic Terror-state of Gaza, Israel has kept the borders open for Jewish and International aid. During the week before Christmas more than 300 trucks entered Gaza from Israel with all kinds of food and medical supplies.

What the Norwegian newspaper are letting Erik Fosse «explain» is black satanic lies against the state of Israel.

This is at best Islamic propaganda from wicked men, that does not deserve anything but International condemnation.

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