Carter should write new book: «Israel means peace. Not Apartheid»

Former US President Jimmy Carter surprised many last week when, after decades of antagonizing Israel, he published a letter of apology to Jews around the world for stigmatizing «the Jewish state».

Former US President Jimmy Carter with senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniya in Gaza City on June 16, 2009.

Carter’s outbursts and accusations against Israel and his acceptance of Hamas and other terror groups are well known. His 2006 book «Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid» which laid the bulk of the blame for the lack of peace on Israel, was seen as the last nail in the coffin of a relationship that ostensibly began positively at Camp David in 1978.

So, Carter’s letter of apology struck many as odd, and on Tuesday it was revealed there may indeed have been ulterior motives.

Just one day after Carter’s letter was published, his grandson, Jason Carter, announced that he is planning a run for the Georgia state senate, with aspirations of a much grander political career. Having his grandfather tainted as a «Jew hater» would have greatly hindered that career.

Both Carter and his grandson denied that the apology had nothing to do with Jason’s upcoming electoral campaign, but the timing and the absolute reversal of the former president’s earlier sentiments have raised many questions.

My comment:

Jimmy Carter should write a new book:

The tittle should be: «Israel means Peace. Not Apartheid»

Write that Israel is not an Apartheid state, and that Islam needs to start telling the truth about the 3.000 years Jewish connection to the Holy land. Also publish the truth about the state of Israel being the Jewish homeland.

A sincere apology will always be followed by repentance. That includes making a u-turn, and reconcile.

Lets see fruits of repentance. I hope and pray that Jimmy Carter sincerely wants to change his ways in regards to the Jewish people.

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