UK targets Israeli leadership while war criminal Tony Blair walks free

Tony Blair belongs in court more than Tzipi Livni. He have admitted he went to war in Iraq despite having no evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

The Mossad guys behind Tzipi Livni should put hand chuffs on Blair and send him to the War Crimes tribunal in the Hague.

Gordon Brown and former premier and current EU envoy Tony Blair may dial Jerusalem and tell the Israeli leadership that the arrest warrant case is not representative of the British public, but that is hardly reassuring.

Some wags might even point out that they themselves can barely claim to represent the British public. Arguably, Blair belongs in court more than Livni, having admitted he went to war in Iraq despite having no evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

He certainly had a lot less support from the British public than the Israeli leadership received from its citizens, fed up with some 80 missiles a day raining down on the South from Gaza.

The World leaders rub each others back. Now Tzipi Livni is singled out as a back sheep.

That Hamas’s firing on Israeli civilians is not considered a war crime is as telling as the way that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas last week referred to the head of the UN committee of inquiry as “Richard Muhammad Goldstone.”

This is a case of hypocrisy, not human right.

This is, of course, not the first time that an Israeli politician or IDF officer has faced the threat of arrest in the UK. In 2005, it was Maj.-Gen. (res.) Doron Almog, former OC Southern Command, who had to abort his fund-raising mission for adults with autism when he was warned that he would be detained should his feet touch the ground at Heathrow Airport. Many more names have been similarly paraded and humiliated since then.

Sitting in Jerusalem, it sometimes seems that Israel-bashing has overtaken soccer as the British national sport. The almost-arrest of Livni joins a series of events such as calls for boycotting Israeli academics – would leftist new Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath be exempt? – and labeling products originating over the Green Line. When it rains, it pours – particularly in England.

I don’t remember NATO countries, whose forces accidentally killed some 2,500 civilians during the fighting in Yugoslavia of the 1990s, or the US, which now and again accidentally bombs Afghani civilians, facing such prosecution.

A bold Tzipi Livni defended Operation Cast Lead in Gaza even after an arrest warrant was issued against her in London.

But such court cases have little to do with the principle of «universal justice» the plaintiffs profess to cherish. Those who press charges against Israelis might just as well enter the courtroom wrapped in Palestinian flags.

They are not looking after the best interests of the citizens of the world – and definitely not of the average British citizen. They are waging war, a war on behalf of Palestinian extremists and their backers, Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran.

Boycotts aren’t about human rights, progress or freedom of choice. Neither are these constant threats of arrest anything to do with a greater truth.

When was the last time leaders from China, Iran or Saudi Arabia faced arrest in Britain?

So much for «universal jurisdiction» and justice

Source: Comment by Liat Collins in Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Tony Blair is a war criminal.He is responsible for the death of thousands Iraqi civilians. But the «illuminatis» within the Global leadership will never stand trial. They rub each others backs.

Tony Blair is more than a war criminal. He is also walking around like an «Angel of light», appointed by the Pope to be His peace envoy to the Middle East and the Holy Land.

Blair is also the United Nation`s peace envoy, and represent the «peace» initiative of the Quartet. That is the US, the European Union, Russia and The United Nations. This appointment makes Blair the «chief illuminati», the man who will force Israel to «peace» and prepare the way for the final Anti-Christ.

Behold, I have told you in advance.

Read more about the anti-Jewish legal drive in London: Click here

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