«Islam has a violent minority who brutally murders other Muslims»

Islam has a violent minority that believes bad things: Who kills «infidels» and murders Muslims who does not submit to a rule by a Muslim caliphate.

Thomas L. Friedman is a great thinker. What made him take so long to write this comment?

This is the words of Thomas L. Friedman in the New York Times. Friedman has won the Pulitzer Prize three times, twice for International Reporting (1983, 1988) and once for Commentary (2002.

This is what Friedman writes:

The violent minority think that it is O.K. to not only murder non-Muslims – “infidels,” who do not submit to Muslim authority – but to murder Muslims as well who will not accept the most rigid Muslim lifestyle and submit to rule by a Muslim caliphate.

A parallel surge is needed by Arab and Muslim political and religious leaders against those who promote violent jihadism in Muslim lands and online in the network of hundreds of jihadist Web sites that inspire, train, educate and recruit young Muslims to engage in jihad against America and the West.

The survivors of a Muslim suicide bomber who killed 48 Muslims in Pakistan in March 2009.

As the Washington Post reported on Sunday:

«Increasingly, recruiters are taking less prominent roles in mosques and community centers because places like that are under scrutiny. So what these guys are doing is turning to the Internet,’ said Evan Kohlmann, a senior analyst with the U.S.-based NEFA Foundation, a private group that monitors extremist Web sites».

What is really scary is that this violent, jihadist minority seems to enjoy the most «legitimacy» in the Muslim world today. Few political and religious leaders dare to speak out against them in public. Secular Arab leaders wink at these groups.

A Muslim suicide bomber has just killed other Muslims outside a Mosque in July 2009 in Pakistan.

What Muslims were talking about last week were the minarets of Switzerland, not the killings of people in Iraq or Pakistan, noted Mamoun Fandy, a Middle East expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

So please tell me, how are we supposed to help build something decent and self-sustaining in Afghanistan and Pakistan when jihadists murder other Muslims by the dozens and no one really calls them out?

Arabs and Muslims aspire to, are able to, and must be challenged to take responsibility for their world. If we want a peaceful, tolerant region more than they do, they will hold our coats while we fight, and they will hold their tongues against their worst extremists. They will lose, and we will lose.

Source: http://www.jihad.com. Copy of a comment by Thomas L. Friedman in the New York Times.

My comment:

After love of money, the Koran is the root of all evil. Kissed by the Pope, and honored by United Nations and President Obama.

The Pope kisses the Koran and legitimizes Jihad.

This is the Jihad verse in the book based up on a false revelation given to us by an Arab called Muhammad:

[Sura 5:33]

«The just retribution for those who fight God (Allah) and His messenger (Muhammad), and commit horrendous crimes, is to be killed, or crucified, or to have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or to be banished from the land. This is to humiliate them in this life, then they suffer a far worse retribution in the Hereafter».

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