The US targeted unarmed Iraqis. Lets nuclear Iran go free

Iran is proceeding with an aggressive nuclear weapons program, and the Obama administration has come to terms with that reality.

They smile all day long about what is going on in Washington. The Ayatollah and his President.

This is the Words of Danielle Pletka, in The Washington Post. She claims Washington has resigned itself to pursuing a containment policy. This is what she writes:

But it is wrong to think a nuclear Iran can be contained. The containment argument runs along Cold War lines

The price of breakout is too high; the regime cares only about power, not about using weapons; containment will be simple because the Arabs are so scared of Iran they’ll do anything to help us.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn’t have his finger on the button. In fact, these arguments are either false or misleading.

Privately, US officials confess they believe Israeli action will preempt our policy debate.

But subcontracting American national security to Israel is an appalling notion, and we cannot assume Israeli action would not provoke a wider regional conflict into which the US would be drawn.

After a year of false starts and failed initiatives , the Obama administration should be pressed to find a new way forward. But we must hope the president’s new policy will not find footing in the false notion that a nuclear Iran can be contained…

Source: Danielle Pletka, in The Washington Post. The writer is vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

My comment.

Saddam Hussein and surely a dictator. But so is also more than 114 leaders of nations represented in the United Nations, many of them «bad guys» with strong support from Washington.

Satan is a smart guy. He made George W. Bush and Tony Blair start a miserable war in Iraq, by falsely accusing the Iraqi Government of secretly having weapons of mass destruction.

Now, when Iran in full day light, is developing the ultimate weapon of mass destruction with components made in Moscow, London and Washington, the US is crippling Israel, and refuses to stop the Islamic nuclear republic of Iran.

This is not only the hight of hypocrisy. The Western civilization has submitted to a satanic plan, evil from A to Z.

3 thoughts on “The US targeted unarmed Iraqis. Lets nuclear Iran go free

    1. Dear Maira.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site. May God of Israel bless you today and forever more. May He bless you in His Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

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