England act lite pre war Nazi-Germany in regards to Jewish leaders

Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni is not the only one, or even one of a select few, who face the near-certainty of arrest should they make the mistake of visiting England.

The chief General of the IDF Gabi Ashkenazi and Defense Minister Ehud Barak run the risk of being arrested if they fly through London.

According to former Foreign Ministry legal adviser Allan Baker, two of every three ministers in the cabinet would also likely be arrested and detained in a British jail if they did the same.

Britain is one of several west European countries that have passed laws granting it international jurisdiction – that is, the right to try anyone suspected of violating various provisions of international law, no matter where the alleged crimes were committed or the citizenship of the suspect.

Israel first tasted the sting of international jurisdiction in 2001, when a warrant was issued in Belgium for the arrest of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, former army Chief-of-Staff Raphael Eitan and former head of IDF Northern Command, Amos Yaron, for their alleged roles in the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres in Beirut by Christian militiamen. The charges were eventually dropped, and Belgium changed its law to make it more difficult to apply universal jurisdiction.

But the threat remains in other countries. In 2005, former head of IDF Southern Command Doron Almog narrowly escaped arrest when he was advised to remain on board the plane that had brought him to London and immediately return to Israel.

Another, more recent case involved Spain, which issued warrants for the arrest of seven Israelis involved in the bombing of an apartment building in Gaza City which killed Hamas military leader Salah Shehadeh, his aide, and 13 civilians, and wounded 150. In September a warrant for the arrest of Defense Minister Ehud Barak was issued in London for his role in Operation Cast Lead. The court refused to hear the case on the grounds that Barak enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

M comment:

What the United kingdom is doing to the state of Israel, is quit similar to what Nazi Germany did to the Jews. Telling them, they are not wanted.

Jews who did not get the message in 1935, and managed to leave Germany, was finally slaughtered by the Nazis after 1941 in the Holocaust.

Germany expressed their desire to get rid of the Jews already from 1933 onwards. The Nuremberg Laws was enforced in 1935. A Jew with a German passport had a large “J” stamped on them and could be used to leave Germany – but not to return.

Since hardly any of the free and democratic nation was willing to receive Jews in the run up to World War II, all the Jews in Germany was trapped.

Still an Israeli passport can still be used to enter United Kingdom. But after their arrival in London, they would not be able to return. They would rather be arrested, put on trial and persecuted. Falsely accused by Islamic terrorists, who them selves can walk freely around in England.

What the British government is presently going towards the Jewish state is pure Fascism. There in now only marginally differences between Berlin in 1935 and London in 2009.

One thought on “England act lite pre war Nazi-Germany in regards to Jewish leaders

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