When the US feed terrorists to fight terrorism

Flaming row between Palestinian PM and US general puts security cooperation at risk.

General Keith Dayton has done a «great» job in Ramallah educating soldiers who soon will join other terrorists.

A loud shouting match erupted Sunday, Dec. 6, between Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad and US Gen. Keith Dayton, who is in charge of training 2,000 Palestinian commandos as the Palestinian Authority first ever effective security force.

The quarrel was serious enough to hang a question mark over US-Palestinian-Israel cooperation in the campaign against Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Handing over the cash. Condoleeza Rice was one of the main sposnors of terrorism. General Keith Dayton (right).

The US has invested USD 260 million in creating, training and equipping the new Palestinian National Security Force. Deployed in Hebron, Jenin and Nablus, it is a major success in imposing law and order in the streets of those towns and keeping them clear of terrorists. A small task force of American, British and Canadian instructors, commanded by Gen. Dayton, act as the high command for the force’s officers and men. Egypt supplied firearms with US financing.

But it is derided in the Palestinian street as «Dayton’s men» The unpopular Fayyad who is regarded as pro-American, sought to improve his image by putting down the American commander.

Fayad took advantage of the Mahmoud Abbas, the PA chairman’s chronic absence from the country, to summon the general to his office in Ramallah and order him to stop issuing press statements about the new Palestinian West Bank force. «You’re just the trainer, that’s all», he said to the four-star American general.

Source: DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Report

My comment:

During the war in Iraq, Pentagon claim they have become experts in fighting Islamic terrorism. The name of the game is called «asymmetric warfare». Or the art of using terrorists to fight other terrorists.

Salam Fayyad: - Just give me the money, call it aid, and I will fight whomever you want..... Till the money is over.

This is a war tactic that will work for some time. Because some terrorists will love US dollars more than they hate the US enemy. But when the US Army runs out of dollar notes, or the «friendly terrorists» feel they are well fed, they will join the same terrorists in fighting the American.

Asymmetric warfare is basically nothing but evil and sophisticated corruption.

The Fatah government is well fed with corruption money from Washington.

The Arab Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has now so many million dollars in his private Bank account in Switzerland, that He feels he can shout and scream at the US General that has fed him.

Welcome to the wicked world of «pax-Americana», that will be followed by the new corrupted religion of the worshipers of the anti-Messiah.

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