Historian blasts British Royal boycott of Israel

Queen Elizabeth II has visited a host of despotic regimes but has never made an official visit to the Holy Land.

Queen Elisabeth II cant find time to visit Israel. She has reigned for 56 years.

One of Britain’s most eminent historians has assailed the country’s policy towards Israel, questioning Queen Elizabeth II. Speaking at the Anglo-Israel Association dinner in central London last week, Andrew Roberts suggested that the Foreign Office had a de facto ban on royal visits to Israel.

«The true reason of course, is that the FO [Foreign Office] has a ban on official royal visits to Israel, which is even more powerful for its being unwritten and unacknowledged», he said.

«As an act of delegitimization of Israel, this effective boycott is quite as serious as other similar acts, such as the academic boycott, and is the direct fault of the FO Arabists».

British historian Andrew Roberts

Roberts, whose work includes biographies of Churchill and Chamberlain, as well as Hitler and Roosevelt and a look at the relationship between Napoleon and Wellington, said that Britain had been at best «a fair-weather friend» to Israel.

The 400 attendees at the dinner, held at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, included ambassadors, diplomats, lords and Christian leaders celebrating the 60th anniversary of the AIA, the oldest organization of Anglo-Israel friendship in the UK.

«The FO has somehow managed to find the time over the years to send the queen on state visits to Libya, Iran, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan and Turkey. So it can’t have been that she wasn’t in the area».

«Perhaps her majesty hasn’t been on the throne long enough, at 56 years, for the Foreign Office to get round to allowing her to visit one of the only democracies in the Middle East».

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment.

The Queen is the «Pope» of England. She is the head of the Anglican Church.

It is strange that the Queen find it more important to go to Saudi Arabia, than to visit the homeland of Him who is supposed to be the head of the Church. Jesus of Nazareth.

May be it is not so strange?  With the help of Saudi Arabia, the head of the Anglican Church can get back Jerusalem, the city she occupied but lost in 1948?

Now, when the Royal High Court of London has started to target the Israeli leadership. The Queen`s subjects are just copying their Royal family. The strategy is the same in London and Mecca. Lets bring the Jewish people down the line to submission to our new World order.

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