Arabs planned fresh suicide attack in Ashkelon

A 27-year-old old Arab was caught in an elevator shaft at a construction site.

Only God knows what they are searching for. Muslims killings Muslims with human bombs.
Only God knows what their are seaching for. Muslims slaughtering Muslims in the name of Allah using human bombs.

Police and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) personnel, backed up by helicopters, fanned throughout the southern port city of Ashkelon Sunday morning and foiled a planned suicide attack in the city. A 27-year-old old Arab was caught in an elevator shaft at a construction site.

Police said they received information that the terrorist was preparing to stage an attack in the next several days. It was not revealed what form of explosives he was planning to use, and no weapons or explosives were found at the time of arrest.

This is the remians of a suicide bomber. The soul departed to the eternal flames of Hell.

The man, 27 years old, is from a village in Judea and Samaria and was in the city without a work permit. One other suspect was arrested. Ashkelon police are gathering evidence prior to requesting an indictment.

Ashkelon was drawn into the circle of terrorist attacks the past several years as Hamas and allied terrorists fired Kassam missiles, concentrating on the electric, gas and oil infrastructure in the port city. Several rocket exploded dangerously close to sites where a direct impact would have caused a catastrophe, according to security officials.


My comment:

The PLO was formed in 1967 to destroy the full Jewish state of Israel.

Today, the PLO in Ramallah claims they only wants the district of Samaria and Judeah back under Islamic control, just as it was in the years from 1948 to 1967.

So what are the terrorists doing in Ashkelon?

This city is supposed to be a part of Israel, not any future Arab Palestinian state?

And what is the need for plotting suicide attack deep into Israel, now when the Israeli Government has removed the road blocks east, south and north of Jerusalem?

What is the need to plot suicide attacks, now as the Arab Palestinisns are seeing economicl growt and prosperity?

Simply because they do not want peace. As long as there is a Jewish state in the Mddle East all demoms and the spirit of Allah will not give them commited Muslims any rest.

The satanic Jihad will go on tlll the day anti-Messiah comes and fool the Jews into a false peace-plan, promoted by London, Washington, Jerusalem, Theran and Beijng.

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