Hamas fires same heat missile as al Qaeda, Taliban use in Afghanistan

Unlike Hamas’ homemade primitive Qassams, two advanced C5K anti-tank missiles was fired at Israeli forces on guard duty outside Kibbutz Alumim on Sunday December sixth.

An advanced American anti-tank missile has just been fired.

The C5K missiles are of foreign manufacture and must have been smuggled into the Gaza Strip very recently, according to DEBKAfile’s military sources report.

These weapons are armed with a 4-kilo heat warhead which rides the thermal waves emitted by tanks and armored vehicles and strikes them with destructive fragmentation impact.

In the last four years, al Qaeda fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with Taliban, began shooting the C5K developed originally as a Russian airborne weapon as a ground-to-ground missile against American forces.

Source: DEBKAfile Special Report

My comment:

The IDF is feeling the heat. For the last decades it has been the supreme military power in the Middle East, with a minimum of casualties in war.

But not any more. Iran and Syria is providing both Hamas and Hizbullah with advanced missiles and fire power.

The people of Israel will have to face failure, if they only put their trust in their armed forces.

It is God of the Bibles will, that the Jewish people shall put their trust in Him. That will only happen just before the Messiah returns, and all nations are ganging up on Israel. The Messiah Jesus will come back to a people is great distress.

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