Israel silently building new Palestinian nation

The truth is that an independent Palestine is now quietly being built, with Israeli assistance.

Talk, talk, talk about peace. But only the Jews prove by their actions that peace is the true motivation. Arabs prepare for the final war to finish off the Jewish state.

This is the verdict by Tom Gross, a Middle East analyst and former Jerusalem correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph.

Gross claim that a new Palestinian city, Ruwabi, is to be built soon north of Ramallah.

«Last month, the Jewish National Fund, an Israeli charity, helped plant 3,000 tree seedlings for a forested area the Palestinian planners say they would like to develop on the edge of the new city. Israeli experts are also helping the Palestinians plan public parks and other civic amenities».

The former Jerusalem correspondent also express amazement over the latest developments in Hebron.

«The shops and restaurants were also full when I visited Hebron recently, and I was surprised to see villas comparable in size to those on the Cote d’Azur or Bel Air had sprung up on the hills around the city. Life is even better in Ramallah, where it is difficult to get a table in a good restaurant. New apartment buildings, banks, brokerage firms, luxury car dealerships and health clubs are to be seen».

From the city of Qalqilya the Islamic movement sent hordes of suicide bombers into Israel during the two intifadas.

» In Qalqilya, another West Bank city that was previously a hotbed of terrorists and bomb-makers, the first ever strawberry crop is being harvested in time to cash in on the lucrative Christmas markets in Europe. Local Palestinian farmers have been trained by Israeli agriculture experts and Israel supplied them with irrigation equipment and pesticides».

The concussion of the British journalist is also worth reading:

«The truth is that an independent Palestine is now quietly being built, with Israeli assistance. So long as the Obama administration and European politicians don’t clumsily meddle as they have in the past and make unrealistic demands for the process to be completed more quickly than it can be».

Source: Comment by Tom Gross. He is a Middle East analyst and former Jerusalem correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph.

My comment:

Its not surprising that Israel is trying to get peace by all possible means. The willingness to bless the Arab Palestinians is another proof of the grace that the Jewish people are showing their enemies.

But what do they get in return?

Hizbullah now has 30.000 rockets pointing into Israel from South Lebanon.

Hamas is digging offensive tunnels under the border with Islam, in a bid to send in more suicide bombers.

Iran will soon have a nuclear bomb, ready to be used to blackmail Israel towards «peace».

If the Arabs and Persians had been good and honest people, they would have applaud Israel´s gestures in regards to the blessings that has come to Ramallah and Hebron.

But what are the fruits?

Not a single words of a soon to come recognition of the Jewish state of Israel, and renouncing violence and killings as political tools.

To the radical opposite, the Islamic terrorists are answering the peace gestures from the Jewish people, with renewed promises of Jihad till the bitter end.

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