Catholic Bishop released booklet in Goa: «Israeli tourists are like rats»

Portraying Israeli tourists as a bunch of promiscuous, stingy, drug addicts and peddlers, a new book published by a church-affiliated organization in Goa is likely to ruffle many feathers.

Jews mourn the anti-Jewish terror in Mumbai, that killed six people inside a Jewish center.

The 96-page work, ‹Claiming the right to say no: a study of Israeli tourist behaviour and patterns in Goa» has been authored by 11 seminarians or priests-in-grooming. It has been published by the Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP), an arm of the Roman Catholic church in the state.

Based largely on an undercover survey carried out by priests-in-grooming, it likens tracking down Israelis in the state to a cat and mouse game.

In the opening chapter, brother Myron Jeson Barretto says: «On third evening we went to Anjuna. We got the news that the Israelis have moved to Arambol. And we had to follow them as the cat follows the rat».

Roman Catholic Bishop of Goa, Filipe Neri.

Officially released by the Goa archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao Sunday, the book critiques the behaviour of Israeli tourists. Its copies are available for sale at several church-supported outlets.

«The night here never ends. They (Israelis) just party with trance music and get intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. They kiss and touch each other openly. They also appear to switch partners», brother Manuel D’Souza says.

One of the book’s stated objectives is to «understand how the conflict in Israel/Palestine creates the exodus of people in form of tourists” to places like Goa and also tries to “understand patterns of tourist behaviour in Goa, because of their recent military experiences».

Brother D’Souza states in his chapter «The Sababa experience»: «Can you imagine young boys killing people. They (Israelis) go mad while in the services. The government sends these people to relaxation hubs. One of them is Goa».

«They (Israelis) are a nuisance to everybody in and around Palolem (a popular beach in south Goa). Their dominating nature and other monkey business drives away other tourists. So why do we need them?», brother Onasis D’Cruz says in one of the chapters, accusing Israelis of creating tourist ghettos in the state.

«In Vagator, there is a beach which is called as «Israeli beach», just below the 9 Bar. Non-Israelis are frightened to come over to this place,» Brother Mario Fernandes says.

Tourists from Israel, along with those from Britain, Russia and Germany, top the number of tourists arriving in Goa every tourist season. Out of the two million tourists coming to the state each year, nearly 450,000 are foreigners.


South Asia Mail, an Independent Internet daily, and the Indian News agency  «IANS».

Goan English daily Gomantak Times had the story with following title on the front page on Sunday: «Satanic visitors?».

My comment:

26th of November 2009, six Jews were killed inside the Chabad center in Mumbai, in the worst terrorist attack on Indian soil.

Now, the Catholic Bishop of Goa does his best to spread more anti-Jewish sentiments in Goa, the most popular hang out for Israeli Youth in India.

To accuse Israeli youth is easy. But the Bishop has to take a deep look in the mirror.

Who are the Goans who provide alcohol, drugs, sex and rock & roll to the tourists from Israel?

I guess they go to Catholic mass every Sunday.

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