Hamas: «We will turn all off Israel into Palestine»

The Islamic rulers in Gaza will not give up a grain of claimed to be «Palestinian» soil

Islamic hate, violence and random killing will go on till the day the state of Israel has ceased to exist.

This is the words of Hamas spokesman in Khan Younis Hamad al-Ruqub. He gave this statement on Monday, confirming that Hamas would not concede a grain of what they claim is Arab Palestinian soil. The Jihad against Israel will continue till the Jewish state is dead and gone.

Al-Ruqub said Hamas would remain the spearhead in the land of Jihad defending the Arab and Muslim nations’ dignity on their behalf. He called on the Arab and Muslim nations to shoulder their responsibilities and stand by the Palestinian people until the coming day of victory.

Source: Al-Qassam Brigades,Hamas,Gaza.

My comment:

When Obama pressurized The Israeli Government to freeze settlements in Judea and Samaria, the US Government hoped that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas would  agree to restart the peace negotiations.

But Obama was left with nothing.

And if The Fatah-leadership in Ramallah would have agreed, there is not a single word about how the «peace process» will deal with Hamas being in charge of Gaza.

Either there have to become a three-state-solution, or there is no solution at all.  Hamas, who has sworn an oat to Allah to destroy Israel, simply refuse to disappear

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