First Iranian threat of nuclear war with Israel

«We will never hesitate to target Israel’s nuclear sites and centers for proliferation of chemical, biochemical, as well as dirty and prohibited weapons».

Iranian general Ahem Vahidi says he is ready for nuclear war with Israel.

Iran’s Defense Minister Brig.-Gen. Ahmad Vahidi on Wednesday threatened to target Israel’s nuclear and chemical sites «should the Zionist forces pose any threat against Iran». This is reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency.

According to Tehran Times, on Wednesday, a member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee,Kazem Jalali, attacked the IAEA.
He said that his nation would «greatly reduce» its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency if the UN Security Council decides to impose “purely politically motivated” sanctions on Tehran,

Late last month, Tehran announced they would significantly expand their nuclear program with as many as 20 more uranium enrichment plants, and felt no obligation to provide the IAEA with information on the sites until they were completed.

A new Amnesty International report said the human rights violations in Iran are «the worst in 20 years» following the violent outcome of presidential elections in June.


My comment:

The tensions in the Middle East is at an all time high. The threat from Iran to attack the nuclear facilities of Israel, is a warning to the International community. The Ayatollah`s of Iran is willing to do whatever it takes to protect its own nuclear weapon program.

What should be done?

The International community have to learn from Pakistan. There, US Intelligence is working overtime to stop Al Qaeda and Taliban from getting their hand on the first accepted Islamic bomb.Made in Pakistan.

Strangely enough, the US is not afraid of the «Taliban regime» that rules in Tehran. The day the nuclear bomb explodes inside Iran, the US will forever be unable to stop Radical Islam from tyrannizing the Civilized free and democratic Western World.

One thought on “First Iranian threat of nuclear war with Israel

  1. I believe this is where Israel has NO CHOICE but to hit the Nuke Plant in Iran , named Busher..which will probably take out Saudi and more nations around it which will lead to Damascus being rubble. and that after that Psalms 83 and those nations mentioned there in scripture will attack Israel ..either way Israel will win according to scripture. and have a little peace for awhile. the rest will be when Russia brings all nations against Israel and G-d will roar thru Zion and destroy them all.

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