Mike`s corner: «It’s now official: War is Peace»

The Norwegian press have been preoccupied with how much of Obama’s Peace Prize lecture was geared toward war rather than peace.

In one and the same newspaper two commentators differed on how many times the word “war” versus the word “peace” was mentioned. It turns out that “war” won 35 (or 44) to 29 (or 30).

Obama was, as a matter of fact, the very personification of Minitrue (newspeak for Ministry of Truth) with its slogan “War is Peace” cf. George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. Obama maintained that all nations have an obligation to “think in new ways about the notions of just war and the imperatives of a just peace”. He assured his audience that the USA would continue to abide by the Geneva Conventions. But this had a hollow ring to it.

Obama stated the obvious when pointing out that Hitler could not have been stopped by using non-violence. That applied also to al-Qaida today. Obama called on the international community to insist that Iran not “game the system” by procuring nuclear weapons. But no mention was given to Hamas and use conventional weapons supplied to them by Iran to terrorise southern Israel as amply testified to by Sderot Media Center.

“Those who seek peace cannot stand idly by as nations arm themselves for nuclear war”, Obama reasoned without naming names. One might like to interpret this as a green light for peace-seeking Israel to eliminate the nuclear threat in the Middle East. Who else is going to do the dirty work?

Obama made his way messianically through a rhetorical minefield. The idealistic core of the speech came toward the end when Obama spoke about the explosive combination of fear and religion. Losing one’s religion, and thereby one’s identity, was something to be guarded against. To Obama it felt as if things were “moving backwards” in the Middle East. He meant to say Israel, since he in his next breath mentioned first the Arabs and then the Jews. To Obama it all seemed something belonging to the realm of a tribal war.

After this he hailed Islam as “the great religion”. He said that the extremist attacks on the USA were a warped form of religion. And here he threw in the Crusades for good measure, saying in effect that Islam and Christianity were just as bad when wars were deemed as “Holy”. At the end of this particular sequence he made it sound as if The Golden Rule was an integral part of Islam as well as other major religions.

The purpose of faith and the concept of peace were totally dependent on the need for restraint, said Obama as he made it to safe ground by going on to quote another black prize winner with dreams, Dr. Martin Luther King: “I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the ambiguities of history”. Finally, Obama wanted to make it quite clear to the one thousand attending the event in Oslo’s town hall that “there will be war” and peace was something worth fighting for.

By Mike Adams:

Guest writer

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