Jews only to give up Golan and East Jerusalem in referendum

The politicians in Israel can not surrender the Golan Hight´s or East Jerusalem. A new law demands a majority vote from the people in a referendum.

Magan David will reign in East Jerusalem, as long as the Jewish people keeps on supporting Biblical Zionism.

The Knesset’s decision on Wednesday to advance a bill calling for a referendum on the withdrawal from parts of Israel’s territories as part of future peace deals was received with much satisfaction in the Golan Heights.

Uri Heitner of Kibbutz Ortal in the Golan said:

«It is sad that a law on approving concessions of sovereign territory via a referendum must be put in the State of Israel’s law book, but this is our reality».

On the decision’s repercussions on a future peace treaty with Syria, Heitner said, «Syria to me is like a groom who wants to get married, and tells the bride that if she doesn’t marry him, he will murder her».

There are some 2,200 zimmers and guest houses that employ hundreds of residents of the Golan, and many others work in private tourist sites, which belong to the Nature and Parks Authority and the Jewish National Fund.

Sixty-eight Knesset members voted in favor of the motion, 22 opposed, and one MK abstained. Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who had declared his objection to the bill, voted in favor.


My comment:

The «Golan and East Jerusalem bill» is a move to counter the International community voting in favor of an Islam takeover of Jewish land, and the liberated capital of Israel, the city of Jerusalem.

This victory for Biblical Zionism can only be sustained as long as the majority of Israelis stays committed Zionists.

The problem with such a bill, is that media will now put a different pressure on the Government of Israel. A series of cleverly invented opinion polls, will display that the «Jewish people» are willing to give up more land for peace.

The state of Israel can not survive on the shifting winds of public opinion. It can only exist with the support of God of Israel.

The moment the majority of the Jews says the Word of God, the covenant between the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His chosen people is no longer valid, the legitimacy of the state of israel it self has been made null and void.

This is the coming tragedy of our time. That International pressure will make the Jews chose the false peace, rather than to trust in God of the Bible.

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