Catholic Church in Sweden turned into a mosque

Islamic Association of the Swedish town of Sundsvall will rent an empty Catholic church. Work on its conversion to a mosque to begin as early as next month.

A Roman Catholic Church builing in Sweden will be converted into a Mosque.

The leave and license agreement between the Catholic Church and Muslims was signed some weeks ago.

St. Olfos Catholic congregation have moved their activities, and sold the building to a private person, who has leased half of the building to a Mosque. The other half will be made into apartments.

.- The Catholic Church knew that the building was going to be used as a mosque.  We can only see positive sides of this building being used for religious purposes, explains Maria Hasselgren. She is the press secretary of the Catholic Church of Sweden. The Church do try to avoid that former Church building are used as nightclubs.

Source: Swedish Christian Daily «».

My comment:

That the Catholic Church of Sweden do not have any objection to their Churches being converted into Mosques, is understandable. Because true Christianity have nothing to do with buildings, stone and wood.

The true Church of Jesus the Messiah is a building of living stones. People who serve the Word of God, found in the Bible.

That Catholics are ignorant of people reading from the Bible or the Koran, is also understandable, but in every way regrettable.  Because the faithful papists do not recognize the Bible as the supreme authority of the living God.

For Jesus nothing has changed. Soon fresh paganism brought into this house by Muslims will replace the paganism of Rome, that have been ruling in this building in Sweden.

One thought on “Catholic Church in Sweden turned into a mosque

  1. It is so sad to hear this news and pray hopefully this will not happen.Europe should come back to Jesus.Islam is not a religion of truth but it misguides the people by telling so. As the European people are poor in spirituality now a days the mu slims having good harvest.
    Let us pray for good tomorrows.

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