Norwegian billionaire cuts support to anti-Israel University who repented

The Norwegian Real Estate Investor has cut his financial support to the Norwegian University NTNU.

Olav Thon has lots of money. May He use this money to the glory of Jesus of Nazareth

Earlier this spring, 34 scientists and employees of NTNU signed a document calling for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

On of the secret funders of the technical University, have no come into the open. Two days before the Board of the University rejected the boycott resolution, the Norwegian Real Estate Billionaire Olav Thon wrote to the Board and canceled his support.

Thon are quoted having written «that his decision is final, and can not be revoked».

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily «DagenMagazinet».

My comment:

Olav Thon have done one right, and one wrong.

All of us a called to boycott lies, cheating and injustice in regards to the state of Israel. But we are also called to bless those who change their mind, and starts to do what is right. Its called fruit of repentance.

If Olav Thon up held his boycott of NTNU, after the University have repented and done what is right, the Norwegian Billionaire only inflames Jew-hate. The board might have voted against a boycott of Israel, but the reality on the ground will just worsen. No Israeli-scholar will be invited.

Thon is now penalizing the teachers,staff and board members who stood up for Israel and gave all of us an important victory. There were more than 100 of them signing a letter supporting Israel, to counter the 34 signatories that called for a boycott.

Thon is also running the danger for fueling the movement that says that some people think they can buy everything with money. Only when people supports what the Billionaires wants to promote, they will send a cheque.

Dear, Olav Thon. Revoke your boycott of NTNU, and give the state of Israel a helping hand.

The editorial in the Norwegian Christian daily that supports Olav Thon`s final decision is regrettable.

Read more about the anti-Israel and pro-Israel drive at NTNU: Click Here.

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