Islamic terrorists invited to take Lebanese seat in UN Security Council

From January Lebanon will hold a seat in the UN Security Council. The seat belongs to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry controlled by Hizbullah.

Lebanese children writing on Hizbullah rockets. Minors told to hate the Jews, and to write their names in blood.

Since last month’s unity government agreement between the enfeebled March 14 movement and Hizbullah, gave Hizbullah control over Lebanese Foreign Ministry. What Lebanon’s election to the Security Council means is that from January, Hizbullah will be a member of the Council.

This week, Israel was condemned by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for protecting Jewish property rights in Jerusalem. Israel was also condemned during the annual UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians in their war against Israel.

From the time the Netanyahu government took office in late March until its recent moves to cut a shockingly dangerous deal with Hamas and prohibit Jewish building in Judea and Samaria, there was a sense that Israel had turned a corner. The public rejected the Barak-Olmert legacy of defeat and elected Netanyahu to change the course of the country. Depressingly, today it is less apparent that Netanyahu has in fact abandoned their legacy of defeat.

What is absolutely certain, however, is that until both Israel and the US change course and defeat our enemies, we will not be safe. Moreover, we must recognize the infuriating fact that even if both countries decide to defeat their enemies, their embrace of victory will come too late for the soldiers killed in futile and pointless battles and for civilians murdered in terror attacks that could have been prevented.

Source: Column One, Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The United Nations was supposed to become the new light to the World, after the political failures of Word War II. The leaders in London and Paris had put their trust in the words of Adolph Hitler, who claimed he was ready to bring peace to Europe.

Today`s global leaders are even more foolish that the people who negotiated a «peace deal» with Nazi-Germany. Because todays Nazis are taken into the International political forums, even without talking about peace.

The present political leadership in Lebanon is an excellent example of the tragic state of affairs. The word «peace» is not even inside the vocabulary of the leadership of this Islamic terrorist organization. Their supreme leader Hassan Nasrallah only speaks about armed struggle, murders and hate.

Not only the United nations have silently recognized the terrorists. Also the European Union has corrupted it self, and given up the task of telling the Lebanese people to liberate it self from the yoke of this fascistic movement.

Now we can only wait for the price of peace to come, and bring an end to all the evil of our present age.

8 thoughts on “Islamic terrorists invited to take Lebanese seat in UN Security Council

  1. you and your website are the fake and the falsehood. i can not believe how such a lie could be published just like that. the photo shows israeli children signing the israeli bombs in the 2006 lebanese war.

  2. Are you serious? Are you really serious, the picture in the header is that of israeli children writing with a red marker and not blood on an israeli Merkava missile. It’s written on the rocket “To nazrala with love… from Israel”. And I also have different angles of the same photo, just type in Google images : “children writing on rockets”
    and you will have the rest of the photo shoot. This is just typical Israeli media, I am sure you are not gonna post my comment as am I sure how stupid you guys are. Actually it’s hilarious, but it doesn’t matter if you take off my comment or even the article as a whole, because we’ve posted it on facebook without any comments just for people to see the obvious and have a good laugh at your expense. Very good job guys.
    PS: If you do have the chance to look up the rest of the pictures in google you will see what these same missiles did to the real lebanese children and then you will know.

  3. The picture above show Israeli children writing on IDF rockets … not vice verca… please correct the caption text beneath the picture.

    If you read carefully you can see what is written on the rockets ” From Israel to hizbullah with love “

  4. just a correction, the picture above is for two israeli children writing on israeli missiles dedicated to lebanese children during the 2006 war against lebanon…

  5. how can such a nonsense go through? isn’t the image clear??
    this is a very famous image of the July 2006 war showing Israeli kids scribbling on the rockets on their way to hit civilian targets in Lebanon. and the rocket in the pic still clearly says “From Israel”. And even if the author made the effort to photoshop the image, it’s so easy to bust it using official images from news agencies archives. No wonder Israel is getting away with all its crimes if there is an audience gullible enough to believe all the BS that goes around in the media.

  6. I also agree that these are Israeli children. The policy of aggression and committing war crimes and genocide is known to be the policy of criminal Zionist regime of Israel supported by US.

  7. Here is the story behind the pictures… And you are a shameful man that is an embarrassment to all of us who support Israel. I do not support Israel withy lies. Neither should you.

    http://serandez.b……Censord. No external links permitted. Editor…….behind-missile-drawing-pics.html

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