The leader of the Socialist party of Sweden Lars Ohly will Thursday preach in Sofia Church in Stockholm.

Lars Ohly is an anti-Jewish gay activist. This week he will be preaching in a Church in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lars Ohly was raised in an Evangelical family, but did not become a Christian. He is the present leader of the leftist party of Sweden, and a strong anti-Jewish voice among Scandinavian politicians.

The mass in the Church in Stockholm is called by a Swedish Think Thank.
«This will be a meeting point for spirituality, culture and society», explains the leaders Ewa Lindqvist Holtz and Helle Klein.

Lars Ohly is not a part of the Church environment. Still, his father Hans Ohly was priest. Lars left Christianity very young. Today He is a committed Atheist, and a member of the Parliament club of humanists. He is also a gay activist, a homosexual who seek publicity by kissing men in public

Source: The Swedish Christian newspaper «».

My comment:

The Church of Jesus Christ is not made of stone and wood. Its made of living stones, all saved sinners, born from above by the Holy Ghost.

To kiss in public. This is one of Jan Ohly`s ways of getting publicity in Swedish media. Attacks on Israel is another.

That a anti-Christian Jew-hater is allowed to preach in a «church» in Stockholm, is at best a complete failure of the watchmen, appointed to protect the followers of Jesus from such wolfs in sheep clothing.

But I guess the truth is even more painful.

Not only the true watchmen inside the Church of Sweden have left the buildings. So have also all the faithful Christians.

May the last person switch the light off, please.

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