Hamas to celebrate «Shalit-swap» with massive suicide attacks inside Israel

You might think that Hamas would settle for the US peace plan, the moments 1000 terrorists are released in exchange for one Israeli Soldier. Think again.

Hamas-diplomats have almost succeded in their talks with Washington and London. 1000 terrorists released for one Israeli soldier.

The Western World has already made endless mistakes in regards to Radical Islam and Israel. To push and pressure Israel to release another battalion of Islamic terrorists, will not lead to Hamas calming down, or showing grace to the Jewish people.

To the radical opposite, such a gift and gesture, will radicalize the Hamas even more. The massive swap for Gilad Shalit, will be seen as a sign of weakness and surrender by the Zionist nation. Now, we only need to kill and slaughter a few more Jews, and we shall see their total surrender.

A prisonar of War. Gilad Shalit.

This is the views in Gaza, Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, Mecca and Tehran.

The latest DEBKAfile Exclusive Report exposed the Hamas ideology to give such fruits. The more Israel give in to get «peace», the more violence she will get.

Information reached DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources Wednesday, Dec. 2, of the discovery by Egyptian intelligence and security units of a large cache of bomb vests and 15-kilo explosive devices – some with built-in detonators, others attached to timers – in the Gaza-Egyptian border town of Rafah.

They were smuggled out of the Gaza Strip and stored in Rafah for Hamas operatives and their confederates to carry through Sinai and across the Egyptian border into Israel, to be picked up by suicide bombers belonging to Hamas, the Popular Resistance Committees or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Our sources disclose Hamas has planned a wave of large-scale suicide attacks in southern Israel and its central heartland, for which five to eight operatives based in the West Bank were instructed to infiltrate Israel.

Hamas hoped this deadly terror offensive would dissipate the widespread Palestinian criticism it is facing for getting too little from Israel – nearly 1,000 jailed Palestinians – in return for releasing the Israeli soldier Sgt. Gilead Shalit.

Source: DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

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