Half-truths dim chances for renewing Middle East talks

Without Israeli Army policing in Judea and Samaria, there would have been a fierce Islamic civil war there between Hamas and Fatah.

Ethan Bronner warns of peace talks that does not deal with the realities on the ground.

As Palestinian officials like to point out, trained Palestinian security forces have been keeping order in West Bank cities for more than a year and claim to have successfully ended violence.

The Israeli military begs to differ. Yes, its officers say, the Palestinian forces are better trained than in the past, and yes, they have worked seriously in their new roles. But without nightly Israeli raids into Palestinian cities, the violence would never have stopped.

«Last night we carried out between 15 and 20 actions», noted a top Israeli commander, speaking of the West Bank raids in a recent interview.

«That was a fairly typical night. It’s like throwing a blanket on a fire. If we stop for a minute, we will go backwards very quickly. We call it cutting the grass».

And, Israeli officials note, there is still Gaza, ruled by the Islamists of Hamas who remain dedicated to Israel’s destruction. Since PA officials dare not even set foot there, it is hard to credit their claim to have dismantled terror networks.

Source: New York Times, Ethan Bronner

My comment:

Obama wants to see a viable «Palestinian state». What is that?

Is the rule on the Gaza strip the role model for the US President?

Should the Ayatollah in Iran become the spiritual head of such a state?

Should this statehood start with a civil war between supporters of Saudi Arabia and Iran?

Do anyone have the bests interest of the people in mind, who are going to live inside such a terrorist state?

When was the last time the International community promoted formation of a state that support murders, bombing of mosques, killing of Jews and suppression of democracy and human rights?

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