Catholic Bishop: Israel robbed our alter wine for Christmas

Catholic Bishops blasted Israel for occupation of Arab land, and for blocking their alter wine from «Bethlehem»

Bishop Kenney did not get the right alter wine last Christmas. Made the Jewish state of Israel the culprit.

«This is a serious matter of the Palestinians being refused access to international markets for products, not just altar wine. This will lead to more hardship and suffering for the ordinary people of Palestine as Christmas approaches»

This was the words of Bishop William Kenney of Birmingham, who is the member of the Holy Land Co-ordination Group of Catholic Bishops throughout the world.

During November and December 2008, The Islamic terrorist organization Hamas fired hundreds of rockets into Israel. The Israeli Army decided to up grade security measures on the so-called West Bank, and limited the movement of goods from Arab Muslim populated areas into the Jewish state.

One of the victims of the Islamic rocket fire targeting the civilian population inside Israel, was a load of cargo from Hebron on its way to Haifa. Since this cargo load included 4.000 bottles of wine bound for England, the Roman Catholic Church started to accuse Israel of harming religious sentiments inside the Papal church. Because 1.000 of the bottles was ordered by the Catholic Church of England.

«The wine was made by a Roman Catholic religious order, the Salesians of Don Bosco, at the Cremisan winery in Beit Jala, a suburb of Bethlehem in the «occupied territories of the West Bank», was the message published by various Catholic News sources.

If this is not wickedness, than you will never understand the true meaning of this word.

What was the reason for the delay of wine?

Was it Islamic rocket fire into Israel, or was it the increased security measures inside Israel in a bid to curb the Islamic terrorism?

Would the Catholic Bishop of Birmingham have drunk alter wine from Manchester, after rockets from Manchester had damaged his Church?

Catholic Bishops claimed Israel had spoiled their Christmas. They claimed Jewish occupation of Arab land, was the reason for the Catholic priests had to celebrate the birth of Jesus without alter wine from The Holy land.

Just days after the Papist accused Israel for this «robery» of alter wine, The Gaza war started.

Not a single word came out of the Catholic Bishops, about the war crimes taken place inside Gaza, as a valid reason for why the wine had been delayed.

Not a single word of Hamas randomly slaughtering members of rival group Fatah, by executing other Muslims by pushing them off the roof tops of buildings of Gaza, as a valid reason for delaying the wine.

Not a single word about Christians in Gaza being persecuted by Hamas, even blowing up the only Christian book shop in the city of Gaza, as a valid reason to delay the wine.

Not a single words condemning the 8.000 rockets fired into Israel. Thousand of them after Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, in a bid to trust Arabs willingness to bring peace to the region when the Jews gave up land.

Few people knows that the Catholic faithful are not allowed to drink alter wine, which is supposed to be the blood of Jesus. The wine is drunk only by the priest, who only find them self worthy to receive the wine in the Last supper, which the Catholic Church has named «Holy communion».

There is no limit to what this wicked priesthood of Satan can say and do.

You brood of wipers. What make you think you will be able to escape the coming wrath of God?

This wine story is again published by Arabic Media, as a pre-Christmas 2009 attack on the state of Israel.

Source: Birmingham

3 thoughts on “Catholic Bishop: Israel robbed our alter wine for Christmas

  1. Who cares what a dirty old paedo catholic says.They are just ass-kissing their fellow pagans to save their own skins.The filthy buggers!

  2. Merely want to say your article is awesome. The clarity in your post is simply impressive and I can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with succeeding posts. Thanks a million and please keep up the respectable work.

    1. Dear brother.

      Thanks for blessing me. You have permission to spread the good news. Return to sender: Love and grace in the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

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