«We are committed to Islam and the destruction of the Hebrew state of Israel»

Violence was the most effective way to end Israel’s occupation of Arab lands.

Guns and the Koran. That is the message of Islam. Death and destrcution, hate and murders in the name of Allah.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah asserted on Monday that the terrorist organization will not disarm.

«The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict proves that armed struggle and military resistance is the best way of ending the occupation»,he told journalists in south Beirut via a video feed.

Nasrallah added: «The method of negotiations has proven that the Zionist entity becomes more boastful and more belligerent, and that it has no intention of reaching an accord».

He also claimed that the influence of the United States in the Middle East was diminishing, and thus weakening its ally Israel.

«We are amid historical transformations that signal the retreat of the U.S. role and the demise of the Hebrew State»,Nasrallah said.

The new manifesto drops reference to an Islamic republic in Lebanon, which has a substantial Christian population, confirming changes to Hezbollah thinking about the need to respect Lebanon’s diversity.

Source: Israeli daily: «Haaretz».

My comment:

Its funny that the International community now share the same views of Hizbullah. because they support the US, who is the main supplier of fire arms to all the nations in the Middle East. The US cant block Russia and China from doing the same, becoming the mother and all hypocrites.

The Obama administration and NATO-member Turkey are presently selling advanced weapons like fighter jets to the state of Lebanon. They all know that Hizbullah is an integrated part of the new Lebanese government.

The foolishness of the present rulers in London, Paris and Washington have no limits. They really think that arming the enemies of Israel will bring the Jewish state down on its knees, and into the submission to the perfect «peace» plan.

There seems to be no difference between the viewpoints of Barack Hussein Obama and Hassan Nasrallah. They are both brothers in arms that put pressure on Israel and the Jewish people, and aim for their total surrender.

While Nasrallah is honest about his evil plans, Obama is a hypocrite that hide his motives in a political game full of flatters and glossy rhetoric.

Read more about the US supplies of fire arms to Lebanon: Click here

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