The Palestinian leadership responded to Wednesday’s announcement of an Israeli moratorium on new settlement building with: «It’s not enough».

Where ever they set up their tent, wickedness, evil and hate follow. Mahmoud Abbas and Muammar Gaddafi wants to set up their tent in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s unprecedented moratorium is both substantive and symbolic – the appropriate response to a Palestinian settlement freeze demand that is both emblematic and a red-herring.

The dispute between Palestinians and Israelis is not about settlements. It hinges on whether the Arabs are willing to recognize the legitimacy of Israel as the state of the Jewish people within any boundaries.

Generation after generation, decade after decade, Israeli concession after concession, the Palestinians have never missed an opportunity to say, “It’s not enough. «So now the question is what will America do?»…

Source: Jerusalem Post. (editorial)

My comment:

President Barack Hussein Obama was to busy to great His brothers and half-brothers on the event of Id, the Muslim Festival, to notice that the Arabs again were rejecting any peace talks.

The King of Saudi Arabia, who have crowned Obama, and whom them US President bowed down to in their first meeting, have told Obama that: «There will be peace when Jerusalem comes under the rule of Mecca».

The only spil spot is the Ayatollah of Iran. He wants Jerusalem to come under the sonship of Tehran.

So what we can expect, is another civil war in the name of Allah.

The Sunnis and the Shittis will tear the city of Jerusalem apart. Blood will flow at the Jaffa gate, and Jews will again have to go into exile. Their properties will again be robbed, and jobs for Jews in the former capital of Israel will vanish.

This is the evil promoted by Islam. That the Zionists put the light on in Jerusalem in 1948 and 1967, can not be tolerated by the forces of evil and darkness.

This story is to be continued…