– Give me the White House. Quickly, Please

The secretary of Benjamin Netanyahu was not used to this. The Israeli Prime Minister had not slept well last night. This morning he had not even opened Jerusalem Post, and the Arabian coffee in his library had turned lukewarm.

Benjamin Netanyahu had seen better days. One morning he was desperate to talk to Barack Obama.

The rising sun over the Knesset had not brought light as usual into the office. Since 7 am. Netanyahu had been restlessly walking around in circles, talking to him self. The internal criticism in the Likud party last night, had been too tough to handle.

When the incoming call from Washington came, quickly, He connected the hands-free devise.

A kind American voice had addressed him.

– God evening Jerusalem. Just a moment. I will put you through to the President of the United Stats of America.

Good morning, Jerusalem. This is Barack Obama speaking

– Heey, Mr. Prime Minister, how are you. This is Barack Obama speaking. Any good news from your side of the World?

– Hey, Mr. President. Shalom, and good evening to you. I have to admit I have had better days. I need to ask you for a favor. Can we redo the building freeze in Judea and Samaria? I mean, since Mahmoud Abbas did not respond as we had expected?

– Oh, you see, Mr. Netanyahu. I just got a call from Hillary. She says that might not be possible.

Suddenly there was two second of silence in Jerusalem. The leader of the Government of Israel had to ask his staff for another cup of Arabian delight. A strong one.

– Why, Mr President. Tell me. What has happened?

– Oh, you see Ban Ki-Moon just phoned Hillary from New York. He informed her about a message from Russia and China. They have accepted a request from Saudi Arabia to vote in the United Nations in favor of the declaration of a Palestinian state in the West Bank with East Jerusalem as the new capital.

Benjamin Netanyahu needed more coffee. A strong one.

– But the US cant support that….??????

– Well, Mr. Netanyahu. The US is presently lead from my office in Washington. Not from Brooklyn.

The face of the Israeli Prime Minister turns pale of surprise and anger. The former general manages to control him self.

– But I insist…!!. I really do insist on a veto from the United States of America. Please, Mr President, dont let us stand totally alone.

– Well, I will pass your request over to Hillary. She will take the opinion of the guys in London and Paris. But I strongly feel Israel should listen to the voice of the International community.

– No one can force Israel….I insist, Mr President…!!!

– Well, the voice of America are not the only voice. Yesterday, the World Council of Churches and the Pope in Rome agreed to support a new peace plan in the Middle East, that will make Jerusalem the capital of all faiths. They would like to use the Temple Mount. Mr. Blair, the new president of The European Union, has already endorsed this plan.

Hello, hello? Mr. Netanyahu, are you still there?

Bibi, wait a second. Give me some tea, please.

Obama leans back in his chair in the oval office, and puts his boots on his desk.

– My dear friend in Jerusalem…There seems to have been some disturbance on the line. Can you still hear me?…. Are you ok?

– Yes, yes, I, guess, yes,… I am fine…

The voice of Benjamin Netanyahu must have sounded like a man above 80, ready to face his last days.

– Bibi!, Hello, Cheer up… Even the Muslims will support us. This is our common struggle to bring an end to all hostility in the region. I can assure you that the US is very much concerned about the security and safety of the state of Israel.

– Mr. President. Israel is a nation that looks after its own security. We will not bow down to such pressure.

Two seconds of silence follows at the end of the line in Washington. Than the US supreme commander brings in a new dimension to the US-Israeli relations.

– I have a meeting in another 10 minutes, Mr. Nentanyahu….
…I just want you to act reasonably. I just spoke with the CIA director. He confirmed that Hizbullah now has 40.000 rockets pointing at Israel from within the borders of Lebanon. Mr. Mubarak in Cairo called me last evening, and informed us that Egyptian Intelligence have identified 10.000 rockets inside Gaza ready to be fired on Tel Aviv…

- We will not bow down to pressure, please help us. .

– Excuse me, just give me, three seconds…..

Obama receive his evening tea.

– Mr. Prime Minister. As you know, The Iranians are not easy to talk to at the moment. Just before lunch George Mitchell explained to me that their nuclear warheads seems to have been deployed into their long range missile…To be honest, this seems to be the right time to settle for peace.

The Israeli leader raise his voice a little bit:

– Barack, my dear brother, If I might call you so. The US, China and Russia can stop this. Cant you?

– You cant quote me on this, Mr. Prime Minister. But China told our Ambassador in Beijing yesterday morning, that they are serious when they say that Jerusalem belongs to all the world religions. The Chines have proposed to India to jointly mobilize 200 million soldiers, to create a new global peace making force. These soldiers will first be ear marked for service in the Middle East, and put under the command of United Nations. Time is short, Benjamin. Its time for you to make up your mind…..Do the state of Israel want peace or not…….??

There are suddenly more than one voice on the line from Jerusalem. A lot of people speaks in Hebrew.

– Exchuse me, Mr. President. But a rocket just hit a school in Ashkelon. I have to go…

The US president can no longer hear anything on the encrypted satellite connection

…..Bibi, hello?…..Benjamin, are you there?…..Helloo?……

…….Mr. Netanyahu? Can you hear me?……….

..Shit, we got disconnected…..What to do?…..These foolish Zionists…

2 thoughts on “– Give me the White House. Quickly, Please

  1. Hi Ivar!
    This might well be prophetic.
    I would get someone to make a video of this, if only with stills and voice-over, and broadcast it on YouTube. It will get people thinking.


    1. Dear Mike.

      Thank you. Feel free. I wrote this message to reach out to the lost World, that seems to have no clue about whats going on….

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