Vatican snubbed Irish police inquiry into Catholic priests sex abuse of children

The inquiry into sex abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland has disclosed that the Vatican ignored formal requests for information.

The Cardinals are old wicked men. The list of sexual crimes within this priesthood is a never ending story.

The inquiry asked for details of reports on abuse sent to the Vatican by the Dublin archdiocese in 2006. The Vatican did not reply but told the Irish Foreign Affairs department the request «had not gone through appropriate diplomatic channels». The inquiry condemned church leaders for covering-up abuse for decades.

The Report of the Commission of Investigation into the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin, which was published on Thursday, covered a period from 1975 to 2004. The commission said it was independent of the government and therefore did not regard it as appropriate to use diplomatic channels when seeking information.

A request for information from the Papal Nuncio also was ignored. In February 2007, the commission wrote to the Dublin-based Papal Nuncio asking him to forward all relevant documents in his possession. It also requested that he confirm whether he had any such documents but the Papal Nuncio did not reply.

Earlier this year, the commission again failed to receive a reply after sending the Papal Nuncio extracts from its draft report which referred to him and his office, as it was required to do.

A senior Vatican spokesman said diplomatic practice required that outside requests made to the governance of the Vatican pass through diplomatic channels, in this case the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin and the Irish Embassy to the Holy See in Rome.

The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland has said he is deeply sorry and ashamed by the child abuse the report had revealed. Cardinal Sean Brady also apologized for the way the Church covered-up the crimes.

The report also found that on occasions senior police officers colluded in the cover-up. The commissioner of the Irish police, Fachtna Murphy, apologised for the police failure to protect victims.

Victims groups are now calling for a similar inquiry to take place in every diocese in Ireland. However, the Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin Eamonn Walsh has said he does not believe that should happen. He said it would be better for the Church to use its «time, energy and money» to improve child protection measures.

Source: BBC.

My comment:

When the Pope denies the Roman Catholic priests to marry, he do not only go against the Word of God. He also creates a priesthood of men that behind closed doors will burn with passion for each other.

Many Catholic priest looks after children, in school and Catholic institutions. The list of child abuse and sexual crimes against minors are as long and wide as the road that leads to death and destruction. And the Pope and the Vatican always to their best to cover up the crimes of the priesthood.

In many Catholic parishes, there are priest who have secret lovers. Either men or women. The Roman Catholics knows this is the truth, but they are to ashamed to talk about the tragic affairs of a Church that has created a priesthood that serves Satan.

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  1. ‘The Vatican did not reply but told the Irish Foreign Affairs department the request had not gone through the appropriate diplomatic channels.’ Did one expect a different response from the Vatican? Bishop Walsh states ‘it is better for the Church to use its time, energy, and money to improve child protection measures.’ Isn’t that the intent of the Commission of Investigation? The facts reported might remind the Catholic Church that it is accountable for past and present actions that cover up clergy abuse.

    1. Dear Norma.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I have not been in Ireland. Thats why I am using BBC as the source of information. Even the BBC can be unreliable.

      But what I know from my firsthand experience, is that the Catholic Church do hide and protect their criminal priests. As a journalist and member of a Catholic community, I was «involved» in the rescue of a priest. The Bishop sent him into hiding in Canada, so He would not be arrested for child molestation. I regret what I was involved in, and have asked both the child and Jesus to forgive me for my error.

      The local Catholics are so ashamed, they cant even talk about this. But they continue to go to mas, and support this corrupt religious system.

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