Jerusalem Post Column One blasts Netanyahu for weakening Israel

Netanyahu’s moves on the issue of prisoner swap and Jewish settlements have already weakened the country considerably.

Benjamin Netanyahu has seen better days. Under pressure from Obama, he gave in to Islamic demands, before the Arabs recognized Israels right to exist.

This is the conclusion made by Caroline Glick, who is a columnist in Jerusalem Post. Glick is a Zionist that has been favoring the Likud party in her comments on security issues. Now she gives the strongest warnings possible to Netanyahu for giving in to pressure from Obama and the Muslim World.

Her are some of her viewpoints:

«So far from winning American support or at least causing the White House to ease its bullying, US President Barack Obama sees Netanyahu’s decision to implement a militarily irrational, bigoted policy of prohibiting Jews from building in Israel’s heartland as a drop in the bucket».

«The truth is that Israel should not be in the business of negotiating the right of Israeli cities and villages to exist and prosper. The notion that it is acceptable to demand that Jews not be permitted to live in Judea and Samaria – or anywhere else in the world – is not a notion that Israel should countenance»

«Were Israel to see 20 Arab embassies opening in exchange for a temporary freeze in Jewish construction, one could say that Netanyahu’s massive concession was justified».

«Simply by agreeing to negotiate with Hamas, Netanyahu conferred legitimacy not only on the terror group, but on the act of taking hostages».

«Netanyahu’s moves on the issue to date have already weakened the country considerably».

«Netanyahu’s willingness to release murderers from prison also signs the death warrants of countless Israelis».

«Unlike Netanyahu, the Palestinians are playing their cards wisely. Why should they accept his move as sufficient when they know the Americans will demand still more concessions from him?»

My comment:

Last time Benyamin Netanyahu was Prime Minister of Israel, He gave Hebron into the hands of Islam. This time He is willing to give up Zionism it self.

The day the Jewish nations agree that Jews are not permitted to live in Judea and Samaria, we will see the beginning of the end of the Jewish state of Israel.

Radical Islam, terror, lies and cheating have paid off. As the columnist correctly asks:

How can an Israeli Prime Minister in principle agree to make any part of the World, a Jew-free zone?

The US, the Europan Union, Russia and China do not understand the consequences of the dirty game they are playing on the Israeli Government. They now give us the same message, and the same political solutions, that the Nazis was promoting in the 1930-ties.

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