Israel face capitulation into the Biblical path towards the false «peace»

MK Michael Ben-Ari says members of Netanyahu’s Likud party had given the premier «the right to lead Israel to disaster».

MK Michael Ben-Ari feels Israel is on a path to the final destruction.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for a 10-month freeze in Jewish settlement construction drew a wave of verbal attacks on Wednesday, with right-wingers accusing him of betraying his electoral base.

MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) said members of Netanyahu’s Likud party had given the premier «the right to lead Israel to disaster». Ben-Ari added: «Netanyahu’s decree of a settlement freeze is a capitulation the likes of which we haven’t known since the days of Rabin».

MK Yaakov Katz, the chairman of the National Union:
«It can’t be possible that Netanyahu is spitting in the faces of those to whom he promised less than a year ago that he would constitute an alternative to Sharon’s policy of uprooting», he said .

He was referring to former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s withdrawal of Israeli soldiers and settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

Source: The Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

The Israeli society is deeply divided. The religious Jews who are committed Zionists will never give up their Biblical right to live anywhere in Israel, also Judea, Samaria and Eastern part of their capital Jerusalem.

The secular Jews are ready to compromise. They do not believe there is a God of Israel who have decided who are the true caretakers of Zion. Neither do they believe there is a Messiah that will come to Jerusalem.

To get peace, Jews who do not know that Islam is the enemy of God of the Bible, are willing to give up more «land for peace». They have not learned anything from the exit from Gaza.

If Obama and the International community gangs up on Israel to bring the Jews back beyond the 1967 cease fire lines, there will be only a matter of time before missiles from Iran and Syria will be marched up to this «Auschwitz line». With rocket batteries placed in the Judean Hills, the terrorists can see Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean sea. Now, there will be only 18 kilometers between the final Islamic «victory» and the deep blue sea.

But when the Islamic terrorists feel that their Satanic inspired «victory» is at hand, and the Jewish people feel they are on their way to the final genocide, than Messiah will return to save his chosen people. The people of Israel. Also a gentle wreck like me will be saved by mercy and grace. And a few hundred million other saved sinners. Amen.

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