Deputy Defense Minister: «Next war will include all of Israel»

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai says: «There won’t be another war that doesn’t involve civilian population»

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai is telling the painful truth. The next war is looming.

Three-and-a-half years have passed since the Second Lebanon War, and Tuesday morning saw the end of a project for the renovation and restoration of bomb shelters in northern Israel in a festive ceremony.

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said that in the event of another military operation, the fighting will not only be felt near Israel’s borders, but throughout the entire country.

«”We are building the State of Israel’s civilian front», he said, «A war only on the military front, as in the Yom Kippur War – not involving the civilian population – will not reoccur».

The minister added that, «the best war is one that is prevented, because if there is a war, it will reach every part of the State of Israel».

Source: Ynet News.

My comment:

The last weeks I have meet a lot of Israelis. Most of them is concerned about the future. They all know that the enemies of the Jewish people are planning «something big».

During the second Lebanon war, there was no escape in Northern Israel. The Lebanese Islamic terrorist organization Hizbullah managed to fire 4.000 rockets into Israel, without the IDF being able to do anything to stop the rain of fire.

God of Israel, who have been fighting the battles for his chosen people, did permit all these rockets to land inside Eretz Zion.

Why? What is going on?

It is God the Fathers will, that the people of Israel shall repent turn towards Him, and not put their trust in anything but Him.

Like in Egypt 3.000 years ago, the Jewish people shall be left almost without friends. The only one who will stand up for Israel, will be righteous gentiles who believe in Y´shua.

They know that the Messiah is about to return.

He first appeared 2.000 year ago to save us from our sins, and to give all of mankind a chance to repent and be reconciled to God.

On His return as the Lion of Judea, He will come back and bring peace and rule as King of Kings in the Messianic age. Than the final Judgment will come.

Those who believe in Him shall not be judged. Jesus of Nazareth has already taken the judgment we deserve. We are saved. He nailed our sin and guilt to the cross in Jerusalem. He was the lamb of God, who payed the perfect atonement with His blood.

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