To claim Gilo belongs to Arabs is a daylight robbery of Jewish property

Gilo has been a residential suburb of Jerusalem since 1971. The land was purchased by Jews before World War II.

The land of Gilo in Jerusalem was purchased by Jews before World War II. Photo:

The suburb of Gilo is very different from the so-called Jewish outpost in Judea and Samaria, whom the Arabs and International media calls «The West Bank». Gilo is not in East Jerusalem as widely reported, but in southwest Jerusalem within the municipal borders.

It is a Jerusalem neighborhood with a population of around 40,000. The ground was bought by Jews before WWII and settled in 1971. There is no inference whatsoever that it rests on private Arab land.

Source: The Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

To claim that Jews can not build in Gilo is not only racism against the Jewish people. Its also a daylight robbery of Jewish properties.

The Arabs have always been jealous of the Zionist Jews, that returned to Eretz Israel. In modern time, the great return home to Israel started around 1895. The Jews that returned home purchased land, wherever there was a owner to be traced in this massive wasteland.

The Jews purchased sand dunes, and rocky soil.

When the Jews liberated the so called West Bank from Islamic occupation in 1967, Jews also came home to the Mountains of Zion. They gave the local Arabs the job of constructing houses. The Arabs had a saying:

«Good the Zionist are building such beautiful houses. Because one day we will just take the key´s from them, and declare these houses as Palestinians properties».

In plain English: This is theft and robbery, promoted by Islam as a struggle for independence.

Why has Gilo first developed in 1971?

Because from 1948 to 1967, East Jerusalem was occupied by Islamic forces. The Kingdom of Jordan did not give Jews access to their properties in the suburbs. The Islamic occupation was the real Apartheid.

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      Please forgive me for publishing this photo without your prior approval. I will put up a link to today.

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