Global Word of Faith healer dies of cancer

Billy Joe Daugherty died of cancer at the age of 57. He was a teacher of prosperity, and told millions of people that perfect faith would result in perfect health.

Billy Joe Daugherty with his wife Sharon. He died of cancer.

Billy Joe Daugherty was the founder of Victory Christian School, International Victory Bible Institute with 911 campuses in 93 countries. He also ministered from Oral Roberts University in Tusla, US.

Victory World Missions Training Center has sent hundreds of missionaries around the world, and the Tulsa Dream Center, providing food, clothing and medical, educational and recreational services.

Daugherty died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 4:40 a.m. Sunday in Houston. Daugherty was hospitalized last month with a viral infection in his throat when tests discovered the cancer.

Source: The Norwegian Christian Daily, DagenMagazinet.

My comment:

I regret that Billy Joe Daugherty has died of cancer. I hope and pray that Jesus will have mercy on me, and that you will find both Daugherty and me in the Kingdom Heaven.

His own teachings did simply not work.

It has to be said that the name-it-and-claim-it mantra presented as the gospel of Jesus from Nazareth did not work for Billy Joe Daugherty either.

We live in a fallen and polluted World, and anyone of us might be called home to the Lord in young age. Just like Stephen, John the baptist and all the Apostles. All of us face the same sick World. Young or old. We will most likely depart to the Kingdom of Heaven by some kind of sickness.

Paul explains that if he could chose, He would depart today to be with our Master Jesus. In stead of stying put in the flesh, preaching a gospel who promote fleshy desires.

I hope and pray that preaches like Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn have learned something from the early departure of our brother Billy Joe Daugherty. And that they will change their ways, and stop preaching the false prosperity gospel of health and wealth.

43 thoughts on “Global Word of Faith healer dies of cancer

  1. Let me say that we all have an appointment with death don’t we? We’re not going to live forever in this perishable body, but God does heal today, he is a healing Jesus, body and spirit. Benny has never preached anything but Jesus, that Jesus of the bible still heals today. Please watch this. I’m not promoting Benny, I’m saying Jesus heals.

    1. Dear Stephen.

      Shalom, and welcome back to this site.

      Yes Jesus heals. And so does the Kundalini Spirit within Hinduism. Healing is equally available to both believers and non-believers, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc. And as the latest example with our brother Billy Joe. Non-believers and believers alike die as mortal men. From one sickness ore another.

      But believers have a citizenship in Heaven. Thats separates us from non-believers that will end up in Hell.

      In the city where Jesus did most of his miracles, he came back and renounced these cities. Simply because they did not repent.

      I have seen thousands of Hindus praying for healing in shows by Benny Hinn in India. Many of them were surely healed. The next week, many of them went back to their Hindu Temples and worshiped idols….

      It is not difficult for a Hindu to believe that Jesus can heal. Often they worship Jesus as one of their seven, eight favorite gods.

      Behold, Jesus said: – Watch out so no one deceives you. Because many shall come in My name, and perform miracles and wonders. And even deceive the elect, if possible.

  2. Ok lets see here….. first we trash the people who represent Christ through the annointing on their lives and then we compare it to satan healing wich I have yet in 10 years to find a testimony of such other than a demonic manifestation being temporarilly stopped and then we have to warn believers about healing in Jesus’s name?????

    You know there is such a thing as spreading the gospel with the annointing of healing upon your life. Jesus did this as well. He healed the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead and the poor had the gospel preached to them, book of Mark. Jesus also healed 10 lepers
    and only 1 came back as a believer in Jesus as God in the flesh.

    We have another man by the pool of salom who was cripled for 38 years and Jesus healed the man and later met back up with him and told him to stop sinning or more may happen to him in the book of John. Since when is it our responsability to make sure people who are healed by the power of the Holy Spirit respond to Jesus the right way???

    Are we the judge? This seems idiotic to quietly condemn other believers but then not post the way you go out and do it the right way as if you do it any better then they. Its totally counterproductive to the gospel.

    We all have different callings and giftings from our Lord. Its not my responsabilty to critique you nor you me on the way ministry takes place as this can become borderline blasphemy of the Holy Spirit according to Matt 12:22-37 and yes, this blasphemy is with believers.

    We are not to detract from what the Lord is doing through other people. That is going against the Holy Spirit brother. Its wrong. To carry on and continue to blast Benny Hinn for past mistakes repented of is absolutely wrong and unforgiving. Forgiving does not bring it back up.
    I see these articles here and its a repetitious thing that seems like it has a political agenda of your wrong and I am right. Now I may be speaking out of line with this comment here and may God forgive me for such if I am. But there is so much division and its not discerning the Lords body correctly and this is why many of us are sick and dying according to 1 Corr. ch. 11.

    1. Dear Natan.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      Jesus heals, and I always rejoice when people are healed. When people are sick I anoint them with oil, and I pray for their healing. I pray that Jesus will heal them, and always give thanks to Father God in the name of Jesus.

      I have to admit that also my pagan friends are healed from all kinds of sicknesses. In this kind of cases «Hindu gods», Buddha and other demons gets the honor and glory.

      Can you believe that some Hindus dies at the age of 103, but some Christians are taken to heaven at the age of 16?

      Whats are we suppose to do with such testimonies? Rejoice when Hindu`s are dying with perfect health, and being sent to Hell?

      How long are you going to stay in this wicked and fallen World? 16, 35, 75 or 110 years before you depart? How old is «enough» for the martyrs and the living saints?

      My visit to one of Benny Hinn`s shows told me about a man who lives an extreme life in the flesh, preach about fleshy desires, and who refused to take a stand against idol worship when He was confronted by Indian media in the city of Bangalore.

      Everyone wants healing and financial blessings. But If Hinn had preached the cross to the Hindus and told them that Jesus is the Only way to Heaven, they would all have packed up and gone home.

      But that would not have brought in the cash. Hinn came to Bangalore to make money.

      May God have mercy on both me and Benny Hinn.

  3. There are testimonies where Benny has given everything away completely.

    I mean everything. Benny does walk away now from this stuff. Did he always? No he didnt and he repented. I can not and will not condemn him as God does speek to us in certain situations.

    I tried to witness to someone who was sitting in a car who had britney spears playing. I barely started to witness and God spoke to me in this situation to just walk away.

    The gospel could not go in one ear with satan in the other. Is it always this way? No its not. But yet God spoke in tht situation to just walk away.

    I hope this is what Benny did. I will not condemn him. Not at all. I have missed very many opportunities for my Lord and Saviour and I trully regret it. Does it mean I will not miss other opportunities to come??? I surely hope not but I am week. Just as we all are. May God have mercy on my flesh as well.

    1. Dear Natan.


      When Jesus says we have to watch out for false teachers that will come in «His name»: I guess there has to be some watchmen around us? These kind of watchmen will never be popular.

      I guess we will share the same persecution as prophets who exposed the false prophets?

      Paul called some of the false teachers for «super-Apostles». They will surely be very popular. That did not stop Paul from warning others about them.

      There is a difference between correcting and judging. I am not the judge of Benny Hinn. He will be judged by Jesus the Messiah. He is the Gate. I hope and pray that Hinn will be found in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  4. Hi Ivarfjeld
    did you know that when Benny was in India he was under government censorship? He did not have free reign to preach Jesus as the only way to heaven. Government officials were standing by to take him off the stage and to jail if he made a slip up.

    you wrote:
    I have to admit that also my pagan friends are healed from all kinds of sicknesses. In this kind of cases «Hindu gods», Buddha and other demons gets the honor and glory.

    I have no doubt that these people that were healed were healed from demonic inflicted sicknesses. All the demons that inflict have to do is remove themselves to have an appearance of a healing. But were they set free, no. Only Jesus can do that. It’s just a deception of evil to keep people bound in these demoniclly run religions.

    you wrote:
    But that would not have brought in the cash. Hinn came to Bangalore to make money.

    These crusades have to be paid ahead of time from those who will support the ministry. The offerings taken are just a drip in the bucket to what the total cost is to put one on. There have been times when he has refused to take up on offering at all at meetings, because of poverty based communities. Your words are sounding like fleshfull accusation. Can you honestly confirm that is why he went to Bangalore, to make money? I’ll tell you, get away from everyone else’s opinion, and ask God to reveal the truth.
    Honestly I don’t care when people bash him, because it’s not about Benny, it’s about Jesus. So when false accusations are made, its the work of God they’re coming against, so just be careful. God bless.

    1. Dear Stephen and Natan.

      Shalom, and God bless in the name of Jesus.

      Stephen wrote:

      Honestly I don’t care when people bash him, because it’s not about Benny, it’s about Jesus. So when false accusations are made, its the work of God they’re coming against, so just be careful. God bless.

      My comment:

      You have to be pretty blind to not understand that its all about money. Benny Hinn is about money, prosperity and healing. That we all shall walk in financial blessings is a false Gospel, and the name-it-and-claim-it manta is from the Devil.

      Let me remind you that all the Apostles (less John) died in the Spiritual battlefield. Martyrs have given up their life at young age from the day Jesus died and resurrected.

      Did they all misunderstood the gospel, died they all have the wrong faith?

      Benny Hinn corrupted him self, if he struck a deal with the pagan Indian Government in Bangalore, not to preach against the satanic pagan worship of idols. Or He simply did not have the Spirit of truth.

      Who do He, and who do you think you are fooling?

      1. greetings Ivarfjeld
        you wrote:You have to be pretty blind to not understand that its all about money. Benny Hinn is about money, prosperity and healing. That we all shall walk in financial blessings is a false Gospel, and the name-it-and-claim-it manta is from the Devil.

        If you ever have watched his programs you would see that its not about making money. We get to give to further the kingdom of God. There are such things as 30,60,and 100 fold blessings. Its God’s Word. Look at Job. God blessed him more than the first time. Money has never been the master of Benny. I have heard him say before God “you can take everything from me, just not your Holy Spirit.” He has said that he is willing to die for the Lord, if it comes down to that. He has made public statements of that. Prosperity is biblical, and I’m not talking about money. Healing is biblical, so how can you make this connection to corruption. He’s one of very few ministries that has passed federal instpections of any misuse of funds. You may call it Word of Faith, but I would have to call those who come against active Christianity -Word of doubt believers.

        you wrote:
        Benny Hinn corrupted him self, if he struck a deal with the pagan Indian Government in Bangalore, not to preach against the satanic pagan worship of idols. Or He simply did not have the Spirit of truth.

        This is a personal opinion that you have given with no backing. How do you know how the Holy Spirit was moving in the lives of those who heard the gospel. As I said before he wasn’t allowed to preach the way he normally does. But if someone from India requested to know about Jesus, then he could minister, but it had to be from the door opening upon request.
        Sorry if you feel that I’m trying to fool you which I’m not, just giving you the side from which I see it. Don’t be so quick to condemn.

        Benny doesn’t spend his time going against other ministries that he disagrees with. He has his eyes upon Jesus and the fulfillment of the calling that is upon his life. What fruit is being produced from the tearing apart of the brethern?

  5. Ivarfjeld

    Brother truth is truth and that is our Lord Jesus Christ. Exposing false prophets has to be followed with corective action from the Lord exposing the real truth. Are you doing such? When you warn them of these so called false prophets who are actually part of the body, are you demonstrating the kingdom of God where he fell short? We can all say should have could have would have with someone else, but there is a very big problem here. If we decide we are to open our mouths than we better also be ready to make up for these so called shortfalls. We can all yell “wolf” and then just back away and leave everyone staring at the wolf in condemnation. But when are the sheep going to go stand beside this wolf and bring in the real deal?

    Let me say first off being a watchmen is not all about persecution. Thats an allusion. Most persecution from most ‘watchmen’ is because of their own stupidity like it or not. Ive been there and done that. Its not my job to condemn everything that goes on thats false. If that was the case all satan would have to do to keep the truth silent is to make one distraction after another and I would be so busy just fighting this destractive garbage that I would never be able to rescue anyone at all. Isaiah chapter 61 and Luke 4 where it says the spirit of the Lord is upon me and He has annointed me… to set the captives free, to heal the broken hearted…..

    Luke 4:18-19 (New King James Version)
    18 “ The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me,
    Because He has anointed Me
    To preach the gospel to the poor;
    He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,[a]
    To proclaim liberty to the captives
    And recovery of sight to the blind,
    To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
    19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.”[b]

    We want to be watchmen on the wall, this is what we should be warning about when its not happening as this is the command for every believer. How many want to focus on that reality? How many of us believers are going out and doing exactly what Jesus did for others? Are we really bringing in the harvest or are we trying to appear that we are? We can warn of these so called false prophets all we want, but if we as believers are not going and fulfilling the words of our Lord when He repeated Isaiah 61, we are also under judgement. Its that simple. That should make a holy hush set on men’s hearts of self examination. Ezekiel warns about those who fail to go and set the captives free.

    Ezekiel 34:4 (New King James Version)
    The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them.

    This chapter in Ezekiel should make leaders and sheep tremble alike over the exact same issues. Are we so distracted we need to condemn others where we fall short?

    I have to ask you something….
    Have you got in contact with Benny Hinn and asked him for forgiveness of your unforgiveness??? Have you contacted him and released him from the curses that come out of your mouth by telling him you forgive him for his shortfalls in the flesh and aslo asking him to forgive you of your shortfalls? It sounds like the lack of forgiveness and placing priorities where they trully belong. You can say you are not judging him all you want, but your heart is brother! Sometimes we dont want to leave room for forgiveness or restoration. Its a hard lesson. We get caught off on these rabit trails of distraction and lose the power of the annointing behind our own lives and we dont even recognise that it has left us. We need to repent of these rabit trails and get back to the words of our Lord and set the captives free.

  6. One Response to “The «two million lie» of Benny Hinn at Bangalore”

    1. Stephen Says:
    November 27, 2009 at 6:49 pm | Reply
    I put this on the click on page that you just posted and it didn’t come up over here so here is my reply.

    haven’t we discussed that he has repented of such things. These accusations are being brought up from others from a crusade almost 5 years back. If he is lagit do research on him present day. I was at a crusade in Omaha and when the annointing hit I just wept like a baby, because the pure love of Jesus was present. One minute I’m composed, the next I’m worshipping my Savior with intamacey. It’s not about Benny,its about Jesus.I said this once before, David was a murdering aldulter, who by the way repented, and God did not forsake him and raised him up to fulfill the plans upon his life. Have you made mistakes with God? I certainly have, and if people want to lord it over me that’s fine, as long as I come to the Lord with a clean heart and a pure mind then God say’s “what sin?”
    When other peoples goal’s then become to tear down, is the focus taken off of Jesus? These are some things that arise that destroy our intamacy with the Savior, backbiting, he said she said and such.
    Here’s a video from Billy Graham saying that hindu’s and muslims without the belief in Jesus are saved. I definetely don’t agree with that, but I’m not going to go out and publicly tear down this man. What did David do when he had the opportunity to kill Saul?
    1 Samuel 24:6 (New American Standard Bible)

    6So he said to his men, “Far be it from me because of the LORD that I should do this thing to my lord, the LORD’S anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, since he is the LORD’S anointed.”

    1. Stephen.

      Shalom, and thanks for the comment and video about Billy Graham. If you search this site for His name, you will see that I have commented on Graham earlier.

      Your video is just another proof that Billy Graham is a false teacher. He claims that Jesus is a liar, and that Hindus, Buddhist and Muslims will be saved by faith in their own gods.

      If Billy Graham is correct, than Christian evangelism is the biggest crime ever. Because if people could be saved by ignorance, the best way of saving people is to stay home.

      To distribute Bibles, warning people about sin, preaching and baptizing, is the most foolish thing men have ever done.

  7. could you comment more about this

    To distribute Bibles, warning people about sin, preaching and baptizing, is the most foolish thing men have ever done.

    1. Dear Stephen.

      I said, that if lack of knowledge about Jesus, or ignorance could save anyone, than Evangelicals are the most foolish people on Earth.

      I am obviously of the opinion that Billy Graham is deadly wrong.

      Hosea 4:6
      my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

      John 8:24
      I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins.

  8. ivarfjeld…

    brother, are you going to comment on the true beliebers who have come to the real Jesus from this man or just continue to set the stage that the only thing that is and ever has come out of his mouth is apostacy?

    1. Dear Natan.

      Shalom, and thanks for asking questions.

      I would love to sit in the same room, just Benny Hinn and I. Than I would have asked him questions, like what about Jesus saying you cant serve both God and Mammon (money)?

      Sincerely, Jesus said this. Either I like it or not. We have to love God, and hate the other. Other issues, are the rich man and the camel. Thats its easier for this huge animal to go through the eye of the…..And so on.

      It is true, that false teachers do a lot of good stuff. If they did not, who would have listen to them?

      I am sure that many people have been saved listening to the name of Jesus, coming out of the mouth of Benny Hinn. As you rightly said: Its Jesus who saves.

      I hope and pray that many more will be saved. And I hope and pray that Benny Hinn will be found in the Kingdom of Heaven.

      We are rocking in the same boat. I am not a single day better than others, but I refuse to love money….The root of all evil..

    1. Dear Stephen.

      I have been baptized in water and I have been baptized with fire. John the Baptist got the Holy Spirit from infancy. Others who had received Jesus, had not even heard about The Holy Spirit. The Apostles laid their hands on them and baptized them in The Holy Spirit.

      What do you get from this?

  9. I was at another web site and there were believers there telling me that the baptism of the Holy Spirit was not for today. The only gifts that were available for us were faith, hope, and love. hogwash. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, I am so thankful for that. When I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit it just happened alone with me and God. I had such a hunger for the presence of Jesus thats all it took, and He has ever been pouring out since then. Praise God. You know once you get just a taste you gotta have more, know what I mean?

    1. Dear Stephen.

      Matthew 3:11
      “I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

      Acts 1:5
      For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

      There can be no doubt that there is a baptism in the Holy Spirit. But I feel the word immersed in the Holy Spirit gives a better understanding what this is all about. When we immerse people in water in the name of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit, the spirit is not in the water. Water and spirit are two different things, as Jesus explained to Nicodemus.

      People are suppose to have been immersed in the Holy Spirit before they can say that Jesus is risen from the dead, is alive, and that they are willing to follow Him.

      But I have seen people who have been baptized in water, that has not fully understood the true meaning of baptism, for whatever reason. I have seen them immersed by the Holy Spirit at a later stage in their life with the Messiah, Jesus.

    1. Dear John.

      Shalom, and welcome back.

      I was in a word of faith fellowship for 18 months. When I started to ask questions about the teaching of a «God» thats gives people with perfect faith the perfect health. I quickly became the black sheep.

      Word of Faith pastors teach about an A team, that is a little bit better than the B-team. This is one of the teachings of the Nicolaitans, that Jesus hates.

      Revelation 2:6
      But you have this in your favor: You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

      There was no truth in what Billy Joe Daughterty tried to tell Him self, and tried to teach others. He died at young age of the cancer that perfect faith would have healed.

      In a sick and fallen World, there is only one team among the true followers of Jesus. And that is saved sinners. We can depart for Heaven at the age of 15, 23, 37, 75 or 110. Not according to the level of our faith, but in line with the Will of the Father in Heaven.

      Based on the teaching of men like Copland and Hinn, we will have to conclude that the man that died at the age of 110, was the man that had perfect faith. The others were cursed by sin, not able to use their faith for healing.

      To claim that Christianity is about «having faith in our faith» is false teaching. To tell others that its possible to reach perfection in the flesh on Earth makes us all wicked liars, that will make us deny or hide the truth about sins, mistakes and errors.

      True Christianity is all about Him. Jesus of Nazareth. Have strong faith in Him.

  10. Stephen and Nathan,

    Please document the claims you make of Benny Hinn. To date, he has not lived up to numerous promises. This is proven in documentaries and other articles. If Hinn could not preach the gospel he had no business going to India. I am interested in knowing how you know that? If you say he went to heal – then I ask, why not go to the hospitals right where he resides (as do I) in southern California for starters? Either way, please watch the demo on Justin Peters’s site at

    1. Dear CLS.

      Shalom, blessings, and welcome back.

      Thanks for this comment. You ask a very important question:

      If you are not permitted to preach the truth, than why do you want to go and ask Jesus to heal?

      Would a healing of the flesh of a Hindu have any validity for the Kingdom of Heaven, if He do not hear the truth about the 100 per cent surety of the failure of Hindu «gods» and idols in regards to salvation of his soul?

      Since Hindus claims their gods also heals them: Is it Jesus that heals in the name of Laxmi and Shiva?

      Would it make a difference for Hindus if Hinn told them it was Jesus that healed them in Bangalore, as long as they can use the name of Shiva to get healed the very next week?

  11. Well, the article is really the sweetest on this valuable topic. I totally agree with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great clarity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Genuine work and much success in your business endeavors!

  12. Stephen,

    Thank you, brother. However, praying for the sick in hospitals and healing them right there in hospitals are not the same. The only hospital I am aware of that he has said he healed in disputed his claim.


    1. Dear CLS.

      Word of Faith healers cant even heal a fly, less them selves. Its Jesus who heals. When I was on the Benny Hinn show in Bangalore, I saw people gathered on the stage claimed to have been Healed. I rejoice with them. In the crowed, I also saw quite a few crippled and disabled people who were not healed. I guess they would never have been invited to the «party».

      1. Ivarfjeld
        If you have ever watched Benny’s programs, he absolutely gives no credit to himself. And he has said ironicly that he can’t even heal a fly. I know, I’ve seen him say those exact words. That’s where you are missing it. Because not all are healed in these crusades, why are you coming against the Holy Spirit. Have you ever thought that it wasn’t their timing yet, but maybe they were there for a building up of faith. There are situations, where progressive miracles are in effect, and I would say that happens most of the time. It has with me. Then there are times when an instantaneous miracle takes place. It has happpened with me,like the day after Thanksgiving.
        If the people in India sincerely gave their life to Christ and are truely born again, then their healing will come. It might be then at the crusade, it might be some time later, or it might be after they have passed on to heaven, in which they will receive a glorified body. Benny was there to bring Jesus to the people, and then it was up to the Lord to raise up and deliver at His will and timing.It may not be as how we would understand it, but isn’t that how God works. Does not He say, “My ways are not your ways.”
        Like I have said before, I have been to 2 different meetings of Hinn’s. Was I healed there of my diabetes, no. But when I was there I worshipped at the Masters feet. It hasn’t shaken my faith one bit, but has increased it, worhsipping Jesus in my afflictions, what a blessing. He suffered for me, so why would I not trust Him in my situations of trials. The gentile woman had to press through for her healing as she said even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table. Its all about trust in the Lord, so those accusations you make about not all being healed are of the flesh. When you say that you are putting God in a box. God is in control of each of their lives.

      2. Dear Stephen.

        Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

        We have discussed the same topic before. No need to repeat. Benny Hinn corrupted Him self, by agreeing with the Indian authorities that He should not preach against Idol worship.

        Let me add a small point extra:

        You wrote:

        If the people in India sincerely gave their life to Christ and are truely born again, then their healing will come.

        My reply.

        If healing was a sure manifestation of the Holy Spirit, than every person on Earth is saved. Because all of us have been healed, once, twice, endless times. Thats why a «Faith Healer» can peach a different Gospel, take the name of «Jesus», people can be healed, and the preacher can still be a corrupt cheater.

        In a crowed of 500.000 people gathered for a couple of hour`s, there will surely be a dozen people who are healed, even when pure Hinduism is preached. Please reflect on this.

      3. Matthew 5:45

        45so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

        Do you see that, God gives to the unrighteous, so that they may believe in Him.

        Where Jesus Christ is being preached, no hindu god comes in over the authority of Christ.
        When that lady came upon the stage to inquire of the gospel, Benny did preach that you can only be saved through the shed blood of Jesus, and against all other so called god’s. He said he was prepared to go to jail for the gospel message. The Holy Spirit opened up that situation for the Truth to be preached.

        CLS, I don’t doubt the claims of this boy with cerebral palsey. Why do children die, in out sight it sure doesn’t seem right, this is sure a fallen world. The media will surely tear apart situations like this because it seems that if God were real, why does he allow children to suffer. We do suffer here on earth, do we not? So why not put an innoscent child in the public spector so people can discredit the sovernty of God?

        Romans 8:28

        28And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

      4. Dear Stephen.

        I am not the final judge of Benny Hinn. I hope and pray that both of us will be found in the Kingdom of Heaven.

        Matthew 5:45

        «so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous».

        Exactly. God has given us a body that heals it self. Now, both a Hindu who practice Healing with the help of the Kundalini Spirit and Benny Hinn can preach and take some credit for this creation order, a gift from a good God to all of us. I can not, and will not stop any of them.

        But when the cross is not preached, and the health and wealth «gospel» itches the ears of people, I have to warn about deception.

      5. The cross was preached. If you are against health and wealth, then please send me all your money, not that I want it, give all your clothes away except for what you are wearing, move out of your house, and put you and your family on the street, and believe and trust God that He will provide. There are people out there that are in that situation and you are living in reasonable comfort I would guess. Then you would be practicing what you are preaching.

      6. Dear Stephen.

        The cross was not preached by Benny Hinn in Banglalore. I was there. To preach the cross is to rebuke worship of any idol. To say Jesus is Lord, 100 per cent of the Hindus will agree with you. Theres is suppose to be a million «Lords».

        But if you say, Jesus is the Only Lord, and that the other lords will bring you to Hell, they will all pack up and go home.

        Benny Hinn knew He had hundreds of thousands of Hindus in front of him, and He refused to tell them the truth, that their worship of Ganesh, Shiva, Laxmi, etc, will take them to Hell.

        In regards to the false «Health and wealth gospel», you said it your self. So, please go and do likewise.

        I have nothing of Earthly wealth in my name. No house, no car no bike. I do not store up riches on Earth, and whatever comes my way I share. The Lord will provide all I need. And whatever I am a caretaker off, do neither belong to you nor anyone other mortal man. It belongs to Jesus of Nazareth.

  13. Also, if you do make it to Justin Peters’ site and I hope you do – check out the documentary there also by broadcasters in Canada. They do an in depth expose on Hinn and reveal the so called works in hospitals. Blessings to you and yours!

    1. Dear CLS.

      As Christians, we are called to give the good news inside Hospitals. I have seen people changing in front of my eyes, as Light from Heaven came inside their heart. One person died the very next day. There was nothing wrong with his new fresh faith in Jesus. He was just called home to Heaven. It was the end of his sufferings in this wicked and fallen world.

      We have a Youth Pastor in our Fellowship, who have received positive confirmation based on x-ray, that a lady she prayed for was healed for terminal cancer. Jesus healed her. I am not against healing. I want to see people healed and saved. But first and most important. SAVED!….Even in their last minute on Earth.

  14. I certainly believe God still heals and answers prayer. I volunteered at Children’s Hospital in the BMT/Hemacology/Onocology department for a couple of years. I prayed for and with many. The point was only that Benny Hinn has no documented healings in hospitals and the one he did claim was proven false. Blessings!

  15. Please see the overview of Justin Peters’ seminar on his web site- Its only twenty minutes. Just pray and watch… All of it. Justin has cerebral palsy – has been to 8 or 9 of Hinn’s crusades and has sat with the many, many the camera’s will never show you… Signing off, Blessings to you.

  16. Sorry CLS for some reason I thought a child was involved instead of Justin. But just the same I have type 1 diabetes and have not been healed yet, but Jesus is my healer, not B.H.

  17. “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.”
    ‭‭Acts‬ ‭19:11-12‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
    “You know that because of physical infirmity I preached the gospel to you at the first. And my trial which was in my flesh you did not despise or reject, but you received me as an angel of God, even as Christ Jesus.”
    ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭4:13-14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
    “Erastus stayed in Corinth, but Trophimus I have left in Miletus sick.”
    ‭‭II Timothy‬ ‭4:20‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
    “because for the work of Christ he came close to death, not regarding his life, to supply what was lacking in your service toward me.”
    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:30‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    After reading through these scriptures conclude by meditating careful on this last one.
    “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.”
    ‭‭II Corinthians‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    If you claim to be a christian who believes the bible is true. And it written that Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, if you believe Jesus Christ was not lying when he said these sign will follow those who believe, in his name they shall cast out demons , lay hands on the sick and heal them THEN HOW CAN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PASTORS PERFORMING MIRACLES BECAUSE OF THE FAKE DEEDS OF HINDIST ETC. Haven’t you know that the reason why we have counterfeits is because there are originals.
    And in case you find a problem with faith healers getting sick and themselves and even dying of disease I have given you scriptural examples of even the apostle Paul and his team members. Jesus could never be afflicted by sickness because his body and blood unlike ours was never affected by sin. But our bodies are dead ( mortalized) because of inherent sin. The presence of the holy spirit in us supports our mortality to some extent ( that’s is why the Lord said in his name we shall even survive snakebites and poison) nevertheless we are still subject to sickness and death. We must continue to have God in God and his word even in the face of our challenges. It was only once God staged a jailbreak for Paul but I believe for his numerous imprisonment Paul maintained a. Great attitude and sang praises to God every midnight. He might have even expected a repeat of the miracle sometimes but it never happened. Please humbly stop castigating men of God because though though God wrought miracles through them they are themselves some times afflicted by sickness and sin. Even dead Elisha’s bones RAISED THE DEAD. I LOVE BROTHER.

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