Netanyahu: «Israel most threatened country in World»

We are the most threatened country in the world. The Jewish State has endured rocket attacks not experienced by any other state since Britain in World War II.

Benjamin Netanyahu has reasons to be worried. Every nation is ganging up on Israel. May the Prime Minister repent, and put his trust in the Messiah.


This was spoken by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a conference on aviation and astronautics on Tuesday. «When they first attack us physically, and then attack our right to self-defense».

On a visit to the Israel Navy base in Haifa on Monday, Netanyahu also scolded the handful of IDF soldiers from the Nachshon Battalion who have publicly refused to evacuate settlement outposts in recent days, based on the advice of rabbis from the fringe of the settler movement.

«If you wish to harm the IDF – promote disobedience, which could lead to the State’s collapse. There is no place for insubordination, it’s that simple», stated the Israeli leader.

Besides the protests against uprooting settlements from the right, several IDF recruits from the left are traveling abroad at present to speak in anti-Israel forums about their objections to serving in the «occupied territories».

As a citizens’ army, the IDF has always insisted that such political views, left or right, should not be used as a means to avoid military service.

Source: Multipe media.

My comment:

Think if the Norwegian Prime Minister had said in a statement: «Norway is the most threatened nation in the World», people would have payed attention.

In the very next moment the question would be:


For now reason what so ever. Its just that the World hate Norwegians…!!!.

This is the situation for the state of Israel. The World hate the Jews for no other reason. The World have been deceived by the Devil. From the day God of the Bible elected the Jews as His people, Satan has used his children in a bid to destroy the chosen people of God.

They shall almost succeed, just before the Messiah comes back to save them. Amen.

One thought on “Netanyahu: «Israel most threatened country in World»

  1. I have found myself amazed that the bible is so clear how the Jews have given us so much and yet they are hated. and how the bible says NO ONE will have an excuse. why would anyone give up eternal life forever for this old world of hate. I thot how Hitler hated them too and yet these so called churches side with is mind bloing. and the Jews have given so much to all of the world. I have NO doubt that we are at the very very end and when they say peace peach that then comes sudden destruction..and yet on they all go..Israel is my heart and that will never change ever. I love them so much. and I don’t worry about who can kill my body but who could kill my body and my soul..thank You Father in Heaven and our precious L-rd..Shalom–and in the end Israel will win …

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