The US trained Fatah security force in Ramallah is not even capable of looking after the safety of its own leadership.

The Israeli army on duty in Ramallah. If it had not been for the protection of the IDF, there would not have been a Fatah government in the city.

While Palestinian officials continued to threaten Sunday to unilaterally declare independence, a senior Israeli defense official said, «Just let them try».

Even though the past year has seen an unprecedented improvement in the performance of Palestinian security forces and civilian institutions – largely due to increased cooperation with Israel – the PA is still far from being able to hold it together on its own.

Despite the deployment of Palestinian forces in the West Bank trained by U.S. Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, whenever PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas travels outside of Ramallah, Israeli security forces are involved to coordinate and ensure his safety. “The PA forces cannot yet completely ensure his security,” one officer explained.

Source: Yaakov Katz in Jerusalem Post

My comment:

What would the PA government in Ramallah been without USD from Washington?

What would Mahmoud Abbas been without Euros from men like Tony Blair and Javier Solana?

The answer is nothing. Within weeks if would have collapsed and ceased to exist.

To display how patetic an Al Fatah unilaterally declare independence would be: Their own security forces, trined by the US Army, is not even able to look after the security of the Arab Palestinian leadership.

The Israeli Army choose to coordinate, protect and safe guard a bunch of Islamic enemies of Israel, must be one of the greatest paradoxes of our time.

The Fatah leadership in Ramallah do not understand that the formation of the state of Israel is the greatest gift to the Arabic people and the Middle East since the birth, death and resurrection of the Messiah.

That the Jewish people do protect their very enemies, that is grace, that is love, that is a an awesome move by the Spirit of God of Israel.