It is a racist demand, saying that Jews cannot live in Jerusalem, only Arabs.

Member of Knesset Danny Danon calls Obama a racist in regards to his views of a East Jerusalem free for Jews.

This was the comment given by MK Danny Danon when the lawmaker participated in groundbreaking ceremony for a new housing complex for Jews in east Jerusalem.

«President Obama should not interfere with the rights of the Jewish people to live in Jerusalem»,  said Danon. «This … is a racist demand, saying that Jews cannot live in Jerusalem, only Arabs».

The ceremony kicked off construction of 124 new apartments in a Jewish housing complex called Nof Zion, or View of Zion, near the Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber.

Danon added: «Our duty is to the nation that chose to deepen the settlement across Judea and Samaria, and of course Jerusalem. We will fulfill that duty, even at the cost of ignoring Obama and his advisors».

The groundbreaking came a day after Israel defied American, European and Palestinian demands to stop settlement activity by announcing it will press forward with construction of 900 apartments in another Jewish area in east Jerusalem.

Source: Jerusalem Post

MK Danny Danon is right. The United States, United Nations, The European Union, the Pope in Rome, and the World Council of Churches is wrong.

It is Biblical. Only true Messianic believers will stand with Israel in the days before the King of King returns to Earth as the Lion of Judah.

His return is going to be a nightmare for all who have fought a war against the Word of God, and harmed the Jewish people.