Pakistanis on CNN: «Israel behind suicide bombers in Pakistan»

CNN aired blunt Jew-hate in their headline news on Wednesday. Without being questioned, several Muslims in Pakistan were allowed to accuse India and Israel for being behind terrorism in the name of Allah.

People injured after a bomb blast near the Lal Masjid or Red Mosque in Islamabad in 2007.

The global news giant CNN do not mind giving prime time coverage for Jew-hate presented as news. On Wednesday afternoon the CNN headline news bulletin had two stories about Israel.

One was about the state of Israel constructing new houses in their own capital. CNN claimed that the buildings are qquestioned, since they are raises in an area where the Palestinian Authority (PA) want to build their capital in East Jerusalem.

The second story was about a series of Islamic suicide bombings in Pakistan. The CNN reported let several Pakistanis charge Israel to be the culprit, together with India.

No one was there to object such insane statement. No Israeli Government official, not even a CNN-commenter was «available» to brand such statements at utter non sense.

When such lies are told enough time without objections, people will start to believe in this kind of false Islamic accusation against the state of Israel.

The only thing people will not like to believe is the truth. That the problems with violence and murders in the name of Allah lies within Islam it self. The words spoken by the prophet Muhammad is not the truth.

2 thoughts on “Pakistanis on CNN: «Israel behind suicide bombers in Pakistan»

  1. I would sure like to know what is an “Islamic” suicide bombing and a “non Islamic”…are you trying to say bombings have religious classifications?

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