Muslim reporter brings Islamic falsehood into CNN and White House

Fareed Zakaria wrote a cover story for Newsweek in June, claiming that the Ayatollah has issued a fatwa declaring nuclear weapons immoral and against Islam. The story is false.

Fareed Zakaria is a very dangerous man, who is on the payrole of the Iranian regime.

Former Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold, and top adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to investigate the report made by Zakaria, who is a news presenter at CNN and one of the editors of Newsweek.

«I consulted a number of Iranian experts who are fluent in Farsi, and each of them went into the web-site of Supreme Iranian leader. And guess what. There is no nuclear fatwa», explain Gold.

The former ambassador accused Fareed Zakaria of being used by the Iranian regime for make a smokescreen around the Nuclear weapon program of the Islamic republic.

«In the cover story of Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria says we can relax, we dont have to worry. Its only a civilian program. This report got widespread coverage in the Los Angeles Time and The Wshington Post. And yet a day after it was issued, the Iranian regime tested a missile called Sjjil, which has a range of 1200 miles. It is able to strike Eastern Europe», says Gold.

Only one Nuclear reactor inside Iran produces electricity. The rest is used to enrich enough Uranium to produce a nuclear bomb.

Source: Jerusalem Post, Christian Edition.

My comment:

CNN is doing a grave mistake by employing Fareed Zakaria as a news presenter. He is paid by the Iranian regime to confuse the American and Global TV-viewers, do delude the Political will in the US against a strike on Iran.

President Obama listen to advises from men like Fareed Zakaria.

Men like Zakaria is a part of the electronic intifada. He is an important tool in the The Islamic Holy war that will bring destruction not only to Israel, but to the Western democracies.

Most of his journalism will be accurate and valid, if not He will loose his job. But in between He will bring poison to the American mind.

Todays Islamic spies do not fight with guns. They destroy the truth using microphones and TV-cameras.

3 thoughts on “Muslim reporter brings Islamic falsehood into CNN and White House

  1. What a weird and misguided article. I’m writing my master’s thesis in journalism on Zakaria and can assure you all that this article is completly false and made up. Simple writing the most shocking and outlandish statement doesn’take them true, though it certainly will compel people to read and incite anger. Anyone reading this… please consider finding a kinder way of spending your day, then reading this nonsense.

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