Islamic PR-stunt compares Israeli security fence to Berlin wall

Arab Palestinians and foreign activists have torn down segments of Israel’s security fence in a demonstration. They tried to compare the fence to the Berlin Wall.

Masked Islamists used a lorry to tear down a part of the security fense.

The propaganda war to taint and tarnish Israel reached a new high on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

In the town of Qalandiya in the liberated West Bank, a group of masked activists using a lorry pulled down a two-meter cement block before Israeli security forces confronted them with tear gas grenades.

Several of the estimated 50 demonstrators passed through the hole they had made, hoisting a Arab Palestinian flag and setting ablaze tyres on the other side. Protesters were wearing shirts with the text «Jerusalem we are coming», which was the slogan for the protest.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, leader of the People’s Campaign to Fight the Wall, said: «Today we commemorate 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is the beginning of the activities, which we do, to express our hold on our land, and our refusal to this wall – the wall of torture, the wall of humiliation».

Source: Al Jazeera.

My comment:

To compare the Berlin wall with the security fence in Israel, is like comparing light with darkness.

The Berlin wall was put up by the Communist party in a bid to stop East Germans to escape into freedom in West Germany through West-Berlin.

The Israeli security fence was set up to stop Jihad suicide bombers from entering Israel to destroy liberty and freedom.

When the Berlin wall fell it lead to the unification of the German people. If the Islamic terrorists succeed in destroying the security fence in Israel, it will lead to the destruction of the Jewish state.

The security fence in Israel is the frontiers of the free and democratic World. On the other side is religious despotism and dictatorship.

The slogan: «Jerusalem here we come», tells the story. The Jihad will go on the whole way to the Israeli capital. Innocent Jews shall again be slaughtered and murdered in the name of Allah.


3 thoughts on “Islamic PR-stunt compares Israeli security fence to Berlin wall

  1. Israel’s ‘security fence’ is worse than the Berlin wall: That one at least was not built on the territory of West Germany!

    1. Dear Elisabeth.

      Surely not. The Berlin wall was built in Berlin…

      That city will forever be located in Eastern Germany. There in no wall on the East bank of the River Jordan. Neither on the West Bank. The Israeli security fence and some few kilometers of walls are just outside Jerusalem.

      I have driven through the «Wall» on the way to the Dead Sea. Not even a mice could pass through the Berlin Wall. Not even an Islamic Suicide bomber.

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