IAEA draws attention to decoy nuclear sites in Syria

IAEA inspectors are to visit Damascus on Tuesday, November 17th, for clarifications of the conflicting explanations Syria has offered for uranium traces.

Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in perfect agreement of how to divert the Internatonal focus from Iran to Syria, to protect the Atomic bomb of the Ayatollah.

The new IAEA report on Iran’s formerly secret uranium enrichment site at Fordo near Qom also includes a section on Syria and a demand to inspect suspicious sites there too.

The inspectors clearly suspect Both Tehran and Damascus of concealing from the UN nuclear watchdog secret facilities related to nuclear weapons production. Monday, Nov. 16, the seven-page IAEA inspectors’ report on their October visit to Fordo stated clearly that Tehran’s belated declaration of its uranium enrichment site suggested that more secret sites remained to be discovered in Iran.

IAEA inspectors also insist on making return visits to three military sites which Damascus has so far refused, following information received by the agency of clandestine “nuclear activity” there. DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources reveal that Israel hit one of three at the same time as its air force bombed the unfinished plutonium plant at Dair Alzour in 2007, although this was never admitted by Israel or Syria.

The nuclear watchdog wants a close survey of this site because it is certain the ground would yield up important clues to Syria covert nuclear weapons program. Permission has been denied for a visit there as well as a request to visit to the Euphrates River’s west bank opposite the bombed plant.

The Assad regime has claimed the uranium particles discovered near Damascus could have come from domestically produced «yellow cake» or imports of commercial uranyl nitrate undeclared to the IAEA. The Syrians also said they could have come from reference materials or from a transport container.

The report pointed out that the uranium traces found did not fit these explanations; nor could they be traced to Syria’s declared inventory.

Source: DEBKAfile Special Report

My comment:

IAEA have for many years been denying that Iran has a nuclear weapon program. Now, when its obvious even to small children, that Iran is on the edge of making its first atomic bomb, the IAEA changes its strategy.

Outgoing IAEA chairman Muhammad El-Baradei is a big crook.

This DEBKA-report is not focused, and is to soft on the IAEA.

In stead of demanding a complete halt of the Iranian Nuclear weapon program, the IAEA divert the worlds attention to a nuclear program in Syria that is only in its infancy and an Iranian-Syrian decoy.

When the International community focus on Syria, Golan Hight and other less important issues, they buy more time for the Ayatollah. Even the Kingdom of Jordan and Egypt has expressed a desire to create their own nuclear programs. I am sure that the United Nations can form a new departments and plenty of commissions that will spend a year of so to do fact-finding missions and investigate.

Not before a Iranian nuclear bomb explodes in the faces of the politicians of Washington, London and Paris they will understand that they have submitted to an Islamic plan of pushing the Jewish people into the corner, and a fresh treat of the final Holocaust.

When the Messiah returns to save Israel, there will be no excuse for all who have supported the evil doers in cities like New York, Geneva, Tehran and Damascus.

Stop Iran. Stand up for Israel.

2 thoughts on “IAEA draws attention to decoy nuclear sites in Syria

  1. am very overwhelmed for what you are donig with yhis site. there isnt many people out there sticking with the truth God word. i meet lots of people and they think whats going on with all this event is a joke they are playing with there eternity. dont let anyone tell you that what you are doing is wrong . please dont give up make jesus number one always . we need this news there isnt many news that tell the truth anymore. you will alway s be in my prayers so god can protect you. am on your side when it comes to the wor of god and the jews and everything is happenning in israel. keep this site always running never water down the gospel like many people are diong right now. god bless you, in jesus christ name amen.

    1. Dear Flo.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      May God of Israel bless you. In the name of Y´shua. Amen. This kind of messages will keep me blogging.

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