U.K. scouts shouted «kill the Jews» at Jewish WWII veterans

British police are investigating a London scout after its members shouted death threats and anti-Semitic abuse at Jewish Second World War veterans during a remembrance parade.

The Spirit of Nazism did not die with Hitler. Its back in Europe to hunt for Jews.

According to the report, the explorer scouts, who were taking part in Remembrance Sunday service in Romford, Essex were heard to repeatedly shout
«Let’s kill the Jews» at the former soldiers.

The head of the scouts in the area has issued a full apology for the incident, which was witnessed by a senior policeman standing a few feet away.

A Metropolitan police spokesman was quoted as saying that London police were investigating two allegations of «racially aggravated harassment» involving more than one member of the Romford explorer scout unit. He reportedly would not say how many scouts were involved.

The Rev Lee Sunderland, who was taking part in the service, expressed shock after hearing the scouts shout: «Here come the Jews, let’s kill the Jews».

Paul Freedman, an 84-year-old Jewish former RAF pilot who laid a wreath at the service, reportedly challenged the scouts.

«I was absolutely fuming… I told them I was a Jew and I’d spent four and a half years in the RAF during the second world war, and that Jewish people had sacrificed so much for freedom», he told the British paper, Evening Standard.

Source: The UK newspaper The Guardian and Israeli paper Haaretz.

My comment:

Jew-hate is again on the rise. Many Jews in Europe has testified that there is not much difference between the build up to World War II in Nazi-Germany, and what is going on inside the European Union.

This is the fruit of several European Government`s systematic being sponsors of Islamic organizations that have an agenda of destroying the Jewish state of Israel.

The truth about the conflict in the Middle East has been sacrificed by men that wants to become popular in the Islamic World. Men like Tony Blair, Carl Bildt and Javier Solana. To bring peace without truth will be a false peace, just the next step on the way to kill the Jews. Very soon we will se looting and arson of Jewish properties in Europe and even in the US. Just wait and watch.

4 thoughts on “U.K. scouts shouted «kill the Jews» at Jewish WWII veterans

  1. frightend Jews must fight for themselfs it means for Israel-their only possible defender,instead many of them have become anti-Israel publically.Delegitimization of Israel is making by using Jewish hands see Goldstone report.This process must be stopped immediately by publically excluding from communities and condemnation of Jewish antisemites.The unwillingness to do so reminds the position of muslim clergy towards the islamist` terror.

  2. The world does not like jews. No news there. What IS amazing is how long it took European countries to overcome their guilt before they resorted to open jewhatred again after ww2.
    This time the jews have a country where they ARE welcome. All that remains now is to stop listening to anyone who does not genuinely have Israel’s best interests at heart – which means just about the whole world.

    One things jews have never been able to come to terms with is the fact that they are despised almost universally. Once you accept that, life becomes a lot simpler.

  3. I think the persecution of Muslims is far worse at the moment than for Jews, They are all seen to be terrorists out to kill everybody, having their religious customs made illegal, thought of as suspicious and untrustworthy. and this is on a global scale!
    we are all human,and for mankind to move on we must put the past behind us and look towards a brighter future

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