Egyptian cleric: «The Muslims will kill the Jews»

Egyptian Imam Amin Al-Ansari told on Al-Rahma TV: «God has filled people’s hearts with loathing for these.»

Reading from the Koran, Amin Al-Ansari uses Jihad verses to promote murders and genocide.


«The Prophet Muhammad said that when Judgment Day draws near, the final war between the Muslims and the Jews will take place. The Prophet said that the Muslims would kill the Jews….Be patieNT».

On Jan. 27, Amin Al-Ansari appeared on Al-Rahma TV to show footage of torture and killing of Jews in Nazi concentration camps, stating, “This is what we hope will happen, but, Allah willing, at the hand of the Muslims.”

Source. MEMRI, Al-Rahma TV on Oct. 12

My comment:

While Jesus died for the sin of all men, and in Him we are all One people, the false prophet Muhammad divides us. This Egyptian Imam is a good example. His preaching is about hate, murders and slaughter of people who do not want to be under the yoke of Islam.

When will the World ever learn?

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