Pope use Muslim writer to defend crucifixes and Church prayers to Allah

The next issue of a Vatican Publication will publish an article of a young Muslim girl defending the use of crucifixes. She remember the Catholic priest inviting her into the Church to say prayers to Allah.

Randa Gazi was allowed to pray to Allah inside a Catholic Church. She defends the use of crucifixes.

A young Muslim writer named Randa Ghazy has written an article entitled, «I, a Muslim, Defend the Crucifix,» in which she expresses her opposition to a ruling by the EU Human Rights Court that ordered all crucifixes be taken down in classrooms across Italy.

The article will appear in the December edition of the magazine Mondo e Missione, a publication of the Pontifical Institute Missioni Estere.

«One of the most beautiful memories of my childhood and adolescence was of Father Bruno», she writes. «I would often go to the oratory with my little brother and the sisters would treat us with great kindness and care».

«One day, Father said to us, ‘Why don’t you come and say your prayers?’ And so we did. During Mass my brother and I slowly recited prayers from the Koran. So the crucifix, all the different kinds that I remember (from grade school to college) was always a symbol of security for me, a projection of the greatness of the heart of Christ, and in some way, of Father Bruno».

Source: Rome, Italy, Catholic News Agency (CNA).

My comment:

To see the dead Messiah on a crucifix will make sense to many Muslims. Their «Isa», the Muslim copy-cat Jesus was not the Son of God, but a mortal prophet. He is dead and gone. He never rose from the dead, and He never shed His blood for our sins.

The pope kisses the Koran. He plays double games, and do not represent God of the Bible.

That the Catholic priest Bruno invited this Muslim girl into the Church to say prayer to Allah, does also make sense. Because the «Catholic Jesus of Rome» leads his vicar Pope to claim that all faiths leads to the same God.

The Pope of Rome is a false teacher, who once up on a time even kissed the Koran. The Catholic faithful are serving a hypocritical and false Church. This religious system do have a «Jesus» in their midst. But he is a copy-cat, that will lead them into the hands of the spirit of antichrist. There is no truth in what they are doing.

Unfortunately, there are no hope for religious Catholics. The book of Revelation explains that they will refuse to repent from their idol worship, and cling to their idols during the great tribulation. Their promotion and adoration of stone and wood, idols of saints and madonnas, and a dead Messiah on the crucifix, will lead them down the path to the everlasting fire of Hell.

Jesus the Messiah is alive. He is risen. The empty cross and the empty grave is His and our sign of victory.

Sink your crucifixes to the bottom of the sea. Do not pray in any other name than Jesus. Repent from your idol worship or perish. This is the truth.

3 thoughts on “Pope use Muslim writer to defend crucifixes and Church prayers to Allah

  1. I think it was Jonathan Edwards that said the two great works of the devil are the Papacy and Islam. They both have a history of persecuting Christians and Jews and here we see them hand in hand, two antichrist partners working together.

    1. Dear Dave 1543.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment.

      What Jonathan Edwards wrote is true. It is worth mentioning that it was Islamic rulers of Jerusalem, that invited the Papacy to return to Jerusalem in 1847 A.D. The Jews and Evangelical Christians were not invited.

  2. though you are both right Christians should not exsist exspecaly to days christians who do not fallow the teaching of Christ but the teachings of Constatine who corrupted the word of God. Christ taught that we need to be spirtual just like the true teaching of Islam but man uses religion to hate and bid for power. i garanty not one of the Papacy will find eternal life for they know the truth but teach lies to protect their wealth as far as Evangical Christians please show me one who fallows the teachings of Christ i can can show you that they don’t.

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