The Norwegian professor that stood up against boycott of Israel

The board of trustees at the University of Trondheim in Norway unanimously rejected a petition to impose an academic boycott on Israeli professors and scholars on Thursday. Thanks to professor Bjørn Alsberg.

Professor Bjørn Alsberg rallied 100 teachers at NTNU against a boycott of Israel.

The boycott recommendation originated with a letter to the board from 34 university professors and assistant professors, which said Israeli universities «have played a key role in the policy of oppression», against the Palestinians since 1948.

The proposed resolution also stated that:

«Israel goes against all the ideals of open universities and academic freedom».

But Professor of chemistry Bjorn Alsberg, a board member of the University of Science and Technology at Trondheim (NTNU), launched a counter petition against the boycott that drew signature s from over 100 NTNU scholars.

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, a European-based pro-Israel group which includes several Nobel laureates, also circulated a petition condemning the plans for a boycott which garnered over signatures from noted academics abroad.

«The vote resulted in total victory», Alsberg told Ha’aretz.

«The main arguments raised were that Norwegian universities should not their own foreign policies, and that a boycott would be harmful to NTNU».


My comment:

I must confess that I did not believe that the NTNU University in Trondheim would vote in favor of a Boycott of Israel.

I gave the board the benefit of doubt. Read more, Click here

I thank God of Israel for more mercy over the city of Trondheim and NTNU, which I visit once a year.

The board at the NTNU University in Norway will keep on having an open mind on the Middle East conflict.

If NTNU had voted in favor of a racist boycott against the Jewish state, I would have voted against any support of NTNU were I have a voice.

Its my duty as a Christian and a human being to support and protect the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

3 thoughts on “The Norwegian professor that stood up against boycott of Israel

  1. Dear Prof. Alsberg,
    The Jewish world is awed by your strength and courage in the face of evil. May G-d bless you and all the professors of NTNU who followed your courageous lead.
    Richard Katzman

    1. Dear Richard.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Thanks for this comment. Yes, there are still true Christians in Norway who will stand up for Israel and the Jewish people. We are all saved by your Messiah, the most famous Jew in the history of the World.

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