The World wants the state of Israel to be forced into the last ghetto for Jews

US president Obama is pressing ahead with a demand that will make Israel a ghetto for Jews. The Israeli leadership is already scared of going abroad, afraid of getting harassed and even arrested accused of being racists and killers.

The Jews up against the wall in the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi-rule in Poland.

Adolf Hitler had an uphill task tracing down the Jews in all nations, in a bid to destroy all of them. Behind this effort was Satan, who is the father of all the enemies of God of the Bible and the Jewish people.

To gather the Jews for the Gas chambers, the Fascists collected the Jewish people temporarily in ghettos. The Nazis used yellow barges in the shape of Stars of David to single out the Jews from the rest of society. Than they were put on trains to be deported and slaughtered.

US President Obama and Adolf Hitler are both being used a tool of the Devil. When Obama support an Islamic demand of making the so-called West Bank «Judenrein», free from Jews, He also makes the rest of Israel into a crowded ghetto for the Jewish people. Islamic terrorist of all colors will rejoice. Because inside. «rest-Israel» there will only be Muslim traitors of the Jihad war they can murder, and Jews they can genocide.

The International community should have arrested the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for threatening to do what Nazi-Germany did to the Jewish people. Slaughter them just because they are Jewish. But instead of arresting Ahmadinejad, a blind folded World seems to be deceived into supporting the Iranian`s regime effort to create a nuclear bomb that can bring the final death and destruction to Israel.

How do the International community support the Ayatollah in Iran?

Simply by believing all the Satanic lies of Islam, about the Jewish leaders being war criminals and racists. This is the work of the children of the devil, that all will end up in the fire of Hell when the Messiah returns. Because the Global community is helping Ahmadinejad to turn the state of Israel into a ghetto. A place were no Jewish leader or freedom fighting general can freely leave, without being scared of being arrested and falsely persecuted by tribunals.

Every wall have to sides. Also the security fense in Israel, that protect the Jewish people against suicide bombers.

Stand up for Israel and the Jewish people. They have a right to self-defense against Islamic terrorists, and evil dictatorships like the Ayatollah rule in Iran. Its organizations like Hamas and Hizbullah who are the war criminals, and who carries on the legacy of the Nazi-regime in Germany.

Do you want to end up where the Nazis went, after their soul was judged by our living God?

If you want to live in the Kingdom of Heaven you have to stop supporting this kind of evils.

The good news is that the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth has always loved the Jewish people. The Jewish nation will soon face its darkest hour, deceived into a false peace with Islam promoted by the «All faiths lead to the same God religion» and enforced by the final anti-Messiah.

When all the doors of the ghetto is closing, and when it looks like the final Holocaust will take place, Jesus will return to save the Jewish people. Amen.

Put your hope and trust in Him.

4 thoughts on “The World wants the state of Israel to be forced into the last ghetto for Jews

  1. You can’t possibly be serious. The wall is a kin to the wall the Nazis built around the Warsaw ghetto. Indeed the only difference between the Nazis and Israel is, Israel hasn’t started gasing the Palestinians yet (but they have plenty of politicians who have expressed more or less the same).

    Oh, so when the Warsaw Jews decided to fight back, it was an uprising, but when the Palestinians fight back it is terrorism. One doesn’t have to be a Holocaust denier or an anti-Semitic to see what Israel has done for the last 60years is the same as what the Nazis did. world’s greatest hypocrisy and what’s worse, from the very people who should know better than anybody else.

    you need only look at yourself to see why antisemitism is rising (so they say…just another play on the Holocaust card in my opinion)

    1. Dear Gwaitsi.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      One doesn’t have to be a Holocaust denier or an anti-Semitic to see what Israel has done for the last 60years is the same as what the Nazis did.

      My comment:

      The so-called Nazi-state of Israel, do have two million Arabs, most of them Muslim, living with full Israeli citizenship. They enjoy the same democratic rights as Jews in Israel, to have properties and elect their own members to Knesset.

      What kind of funny Nazi-state.

      Did you know that civil Israeli airliners to not have the right to even fly over Saudi Arabia? The Jews have no right to get a visa to most of the 22 Arabic Muslim nations, less have any democratic rights at all. I guess that is the Nazi-style treatment of Jews.

      The Arab Palestinians will get a much better life, if they only are willing to utter a few words. – Yes, we recognize the state of Israels right to exist, and we renounce violence against the Jewish people.

      1. You must be crazy you have no idea what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians. The Jewish State of Israel should have never existed and is now hoping to do the same to the Palestinians as the nazis did to the Jews in WWII

      2. Derek

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        The Jewish State of Israel should have never existed and is now hoping to do the same to the Palestinians as the Nazis did to the Jews in WWII.

        My reply:

        If Israel had not existed, there would be no God of Israel. And the Bible would be exposed as a man made book, with no truth. The good News is that God is alive. He is also faithful to all the promises He has made.

        Jeremiah 31:6-8

        6 There will be a day when watchmen cry out
        on the hills of Ephraim,
        ‘Come, let us go up to Zion,
        to the LORD our God.’”

        7 This is what the LORD says:

        “Sing with joy for Jacob;
        shout for the foremost of the nations.
        Make your praises heard, and say,
        ‘LORD, save your people,
        the remnant of Israel.’
        8 See, I will bring them from the land of the north
        and gather them from the ends of the earth.
        Among them will be the blind and the lame,
        expectant mothers and women in labor;
        a great throng will return.

        (end of scripture)

        Islam do not recognize that there can be a Jewish nation in the Middle East. What do you expect the Jews do do with people who wants to cripple and kill them?

        Do you want them to silently accept to be slaughtered, just like millions of Jews did during the Nazi Holocaust?

        The Arab Palestinians have been deceived by a man made religion. A falsehood written down in the Koran, a false revelation that leads people into hate towards the truth.

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