Sweden sides with Islam: «Jerusalem will be the capital of «Palestine»

«Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and Israel». This is the stand of the Government of Sweden, promoted by the chairman of the European Union.

EU Chairman Carl Bildt and EU commisssionar for Foreign Affairs Javier Solana have made them selves enemies of God of the Bible.

Israel has accused Sweden of trying to carry out a diplomatic coup aimed at altering the position of the European Union regarding the status of Jerusalem.

A senior Israeli official said that earlier this week the Foreign Ministry relayed instructions to missions in EU countries, asking them to take action against the Swedish initiative on Jerusalem.

One of the telegrams says reports have been received on statements by senior Swedish officials and on official documents Sweden has circulated, as the holder of the rotating EU presidency, referring to Jerusalem as the capital of two states – Israel and Palestine.

The reference was to speeches by Sweden’s representatives during the United Nations General Assembly meet six weeks ago and during discussions in Geneva, as well as in official announcements regarding the peace process in recent weeks.

The telegram also stated that some European Union countries have denied that the new phraseology was being implemented in cooperation with them. For their part, the Swedish officials claimed, according to the Foreign Ministry document, that they had gained the approval of EU member states as part of quiet consultations that they had carried out within the internal exchange of documents in the EU.

A European diplomat noted that Sweden has claimed that its statements on Jerusalem reflect the position of the European Union and enjoy the full support of all country members.

Source: The Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

My comment:

The Swedish government. has just done the reverse of the Berlin wall in regards to Jerusalem.

After the state of Israel liberated Jerusalem from the occupation of Islam, the city was a free zone for people of all faiths. From 1948 to 1967, the Jewish people, based on a racist agenda, was denied access to the holiest sites within Judaism.

During the Islamic occupation of East Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967 , the Kingdom of Jordan burnt and destroyed almost every Synagogue in East Jerusalem.

Why do Sweden and the European Union want to give this city back into the hands of the same criminals?

To build up a wall in Jerusalem, and cleanse the East part of the Israeli capital for Jews, would be like taking todays liberated and united Berlin, and give East Berlin back to an upcoming new Communist East-Germany. All people who are not communist will have to leave the eastern part of Berlin.

What Sweden wants to do is to form a new Apartheid state in the Middle East with East Jerusalem as its capital. A state as free of Jews as Nazi-Germany.

Do not Sweden know that Jews have no access to most of the Muslim nations?

They can not get landing permission or visas.

The Israeli Air liner El Al is not permitted by Islam to fly over countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan, and need to take the longest possible rout to get into the Indian Ocean when flying into South Asia.

This is racism. The Kingdom of Sweden do support racism and Apartheid in regards to the Jewish people. Just hit them were is hurts them most, and do not worry about the consequences.

But behold. The God of Israel is watching. He and His Son is the owners of the city of Jerusalem, and the Jewish people are the only true caretakers of Zion.

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