Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Sunday that Israel doesn’t want peace or two-state solution. The truth is that the Islamic movement do not want peace, but would like to see the  Jewish homeland destroyed in the name of Allah.

It takes more than a handshake to make peace. The state of Israel needs to be recognized by the Arabs.

Addressing supporters during a rare visit to Bethlehem and Hebron, Abbas said that the Palestinians would not make any additional concessions and would continue to demand their rights.

«I don’t know what the Israelis want», he said. «They must start thinking about what needs to be done if they really want peace».

Meanwhile, Hassan Khraisheh, deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, called on Abbas to seriously consider dissolving the PA because of the failure of the peace process.

«This authority was created so that it could prepare for the establishment of a Palestinian state», Khraisheh said. «But after more than 15 years of thorough negotiations with Israel, this state still hasn’t been established».

Source: Jerusalem Post:

My comment:

There wille be no peace in the Middle East before the Arabs recoginze the Jewish state of Israel.

Before there is a mutual understanding that both parties has a right to exist, there should be abolutely nothing to negotiate about.

This has been the Jewish demand since the birth of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948. The so-called «negotiations» that have been and will be forced up on the Jewish people can and success. Because they are not based up on the truth.

It is not Israel that is the sumbling block towards a peaceful solution to the war like situation in the region. Its the Islamic hate towards the Jews, that use the Koran to claim the whole land of Israel as an Arab statehood for a people who claim to be «Palestinians».

Start loving the Jewish people, and be blessed.