Turkey has joined Syria to brake Israeli naval blockade of Gaza

Hizbullah and Hamas have extended-range missiles and rockets capable of reaching Israel’s strategic heartland. Turkey and Syria now works together to feed the Islamic terrorists with more rockets.

Israeli navy keeps Iranian rockets out of Gaza. Now a NATO-member wants to feed the Hamas terrorists.


Brigader Amos Yadlin’s report to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee confirmed DEBKAfile’s Oct. 25 disclosure of intensive Iranian efforts to arm Hizballah and Hamas with extended-range missiles and rockets capable of reaching Israel’s strategic heartland. He revealed for the first time that Iranian arms were reaching Hizballah and Hamas through Syria and, for the first, time via Turkey.

Iran is clearly intent on building up Hamas’ capability for breaking the Israeli Mediterranean naval blockade on the Gaza Strip and restricting the freedom of Israeli warships cruising opposite its southern shores.

Silkworms deployed in the Gaza Strip are a menace to Israel’s southern naval bases, especially in Ashdod port. They are also precise enough to target land-based strategic facilities like power stations and fuel depots. In 1987, Tehran used an earlier version of the Silkworm to strike Kuwait’s oil installations

Source: The DEBKAfile’s

My comment:

Syria is at war with Israel. There is only a cold ceace fire between the two nations, after Israel liberated the Golan hight in 1967.

Brigader Amos Yadin raise the alarm on NATO-member Turkey.

That a NATO-member has joined Syria in the war against Israel is alarming. This is a conformation that NATO is an enemy of Israel, simply because the Obama Administration have done nothing to stop this.

The Turkish declaration of war on Israel, and the silence in Washington and London, is another conformation about the prophetic word being fulfilled in our day.

Just before the return of the Messiah, all nations shall go against the Jewish nation. The soldiers that will be on the move will be 200 million. It will simply not be possible for the IDF to defend Israel against such an enemy. Than Israel shall be forced into a false peace, and the last anticrist will come and reign from Jerusalem.

How to march up an army of 200 million soldiers, as mentioned in the book of Revelation?

Well, soon both China and India will join Turkey and Russia in their war on the Jewish people.

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